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Are you looking for some amazing fighting games? Or do you specifically want to play Tekken game? If yes, then you have clicked on the right post! I will give a complete review on one of the best games till now.

Today, games are becoming so popular that there are various events and tournaments occurring globally. Gamers from all over the world are taking this industry forward. Millions of active users play as well as stream games.

However, if you are not a professional gamer but still you can play games and experience quality gaming. I get a lot of question about, ‘What we need to play games?’ or ‘How to play PC games on mobiles?’ Well, to experience quality gameplay you only need your smartphone and a game!

Here we are going to talk about Takken 5 Apk Download.

This is a very popular PC game but today I will tell you steps to play this game on your mobile only. Now, you don’t need high PC setup or other equipment to play games, you android phone is enough for this.

So, red this post completely…

Know about Takken game series

Takken 5 Apkis not alone in the gaming industry and to know about this game you must read its base.

Well, Tekken is a complete gaming series with nine game parts and eight additional spin-offs. The first game was launched in September 1994, as Tekken. It was published and developed by Namco as well as some other popular developers. With release it gets added in fighting category.

However, this game was not got much popularity because of very basic gameplay and graphic quality.

But soon in 1996, Tekken 5 was launched!

This game changed the complete market, it was played and appreciated by millions of gamers from all over the world. Not only PC, this game was also released for other controllers. Soon, Takken 5 Apk becomes one of the most popular game in gaming market.

We can say that multiplayer mode and easy to control features were the reason behind its success!

The original release was done in November 1996 but after seeing its success in Japan it was released globally in 1997. Later this game also got launched on PlayStation, around 1998.

Till now, the developers for the game were Sony Interactive Entertainment and Namco.

Being one of the best arcade video games on PC as well as on PlayStation, it has rating of 4.1 stars and likes around 90 percentages.

Later, many other parts and spin-off were released among which many got more popularity as well. However, the only parts that can match the popularity of Tekken 5 were Tekken Tag Team Tournament, Tekken 5 and Tekken 6. 

Today, I will tell you how you can play this PlayStation game on your PC!


Tekken game is full of action, great graphics, amazing moves, as well as good sound quality. Read these key features of Takken 5 Apklisted below:


With the end of Iron Fist Tournament 2 i.e. Tekken 2, Heihachi Mishima has established his Tekken Force after fifteen years. However, he is still looking for his grandson Jin Kazama. For this he again announces Iron Fist Tournament 5 that is Tekken 5. Here many popular fighters like King, Paul, Howrang, Lee, and Jin participates to win.


This is a fighting based game so you will be seeing amazing fighting moves and styles in it. With each character, you can perform different moves. Every character in this game has its unique style of fighting, you can learn their moves and fight to win.

Graphic quality and controls

In this third part of the series, the graphics are got better. With each round you will see different background. Taking about the sound, it is perfect. You will hear start and end round sound with winning and losing sound as well. 

Mod Features

Yes, the Takken 5 Apkis Mod or cracked version. Here you can use cheat codes in your game. Useful cheat codes like Unlock all players, Player 1 full life, Player 2 no life, Unlock all modes, and many more present in this version. You can use these cheats by pressing exit button while playing the game.

How to download Takken 5 Apk?

As I mention all the Tekken parts were originally developed for PlayStations as well as for PC operating systems only. But there are also users who don’t want to spend much time on PC. Instead, they wanted to play this game on their phones whenever they get free time.

If you also want to access this game anytime and anywhere then you must download the Takken 5 Apk.

Also, this version is cracked. This means it is a Mod Apk, so you can unlock different features like multiplayer more, all unlocked characters, and also use cheat codes.

So download by following these basic steps:

  • First, click on the given link DOWNLOAD.
  • You have to give access this third part application to get downloaded by clicking on OK.
  • Now wait till the set-up file gets downloaded.
  • Make sure you don’t have pre-installed any Tekken game.
  • Once the file gets downloaded open File Manager.
  • You have to search for Takken 5 Apk.
  • This can be seen in Apk or Downloaded files.
  • Now click on the set-up file.
  • Allow the settings to install third party application.
  • Within few moments you will see the game getting starting.
  • The interface of the game is similar to its original version.
  • However, to use cheat codes you can click on back button.
  • Play Tekken 5 on your phone!


Tekken is one of the best game series till now, it has given many popular characters to us. By seeing its demand, there are also several movies created on its storyline. Soon Netflix releasing an animated series on it as well.

So, if you want to play Takken 5 Apkthen download it now!

In conclusion, you can share your views about this game after playing on android phone.

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