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Carpal Tunnel Mouse: All The Information You Need To Know

The carpal tunnel mouse is a peripheral that can be attached to the computer keyboard. Typically, you would expect this device to look something like an external keyboard. However, that’s not the case.

This Mouse is made of two pieces:

  • A carpal tunnel braces.
    • The brace is worn around the wrist to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome or repetitive stress injury,      
  • A wireless mouse with an un-masked optical sensor.
    • The Mouse operates in the usual way.

Why carpal tunnel syndrome takes place?

According to research by Dr. Ian Horswill at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, a user can get the position of their hand almost right when it’s placed on a mousepad but still experience hand pain because they don’t have their joints appropriately aligned.

Dr. Horswill said: “You experience pain from repetitive motion when the sensors on your joints get pulled out of position and send incorrect signals to your brain that cause you to overcompensate.” “Our device lets you know that you’re doing something wrong, so you can stop before a situation becomes painful.”

Carpal Tunnel Mouse Working

The device works by using sensors that track how you are holding your hand and tells you whether you move your thumb down too much or if your pinky finger bends incorrectly. If any part of your fingers bends unnaturally, it gives visual cues so that you adjust accordingly.

The carpal tunnel mouse can be used as a regular computer mouse for those who don’t have problems with their hands, but it also serves as a warning device for those who do.

Carpal Tunnel Mouse Design

The Carpal Tunnel Mouse is designed specifically for people with carpal tunnel syndrome. I.e., patients who experience numbness of the outer fingers and thumb side of the hand due to increased pressure on the median nerve that runs through a narrow channel (the carpal tunnel) located in the wrist.

When used regularly, this computer mouse may help reduce some symptoms associated with carpal tunnel syndrome by increasing circulation in the affected area while decreasing pressure on the median nerve.  It does so by simply allowing your arm and shoulder to relax while you use it instead of tensely gripping or reaching for a standard size mouse.

The ergonomic design reduces flexion of the wrist that can cause pain and numbness for those with carpal tunnel syndrome.  The Carpal Tunnel Mouse allows you to work at a neutral wrist angle, so the muscles of your hand, arm, and shoulder are not tensed for long periods as they would be with a standard mouse.

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Carpal tunnel mouse can also use by diagnosed carpal tunnel syndrome patient

In contrast to many ergonomic products designed to treat or prevent repetitive stress injuries, this product is meant solely for those who a physician has diagnosed as having carpal tunnel syndrome.   It works well in conjunction with physical therapy regimens and other exercises recommended by doctors or physical therapists for patients with this condition.

Although many computer users experience similar symptoms from overuse or misuse of a traditional mouse, these symptoms typically go away on their own within a few weeks or months. It may be best to use the Carpal Tunnel Mouse if you are experiencing pain that has lasted for at least six weeks.

Plastic material is used for making carpal tunnel mouse

The Mouse is made of plastic, making it lightweight and easy to clean with soap and water.  It works with Windows 7, Vista, and XP, as well as Macintosh.

The product is used very much like a standard mouse, except that you use it with your arm and shoulder instead of gripping and reaching.  The palm rests flat on a surface, while the fingers are used to move the cursor.  The mouse click is activated by squeezing your thumb and index finger together.

Quite a bit of discomfort upon first use

It is recommended that you start using the Carpal Tunnel Mouse with your non-dominant hand.  Over time, you can work up to using it on both hands for equal periods.

The Mouse is not recommended for those who currently suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome but do not use a computer regularly.  The Mouse may increase pain and/or numbness for those users until the user has been using it for several weeks.

Which kind of mouse is ideal for carpal tunnel syndrome?

A trackball mouse is a standard treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome. The contraption, which resembles a plus-side mouse with a ball revealed on top, reduces the possibility of thumb tendonitis. Unlike this variety, the sensor is located on the bottom of a regular mouse.

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What is carpal tunnel?

Carpal Tunnel: A narrow passage of ligaments and tendons at the base of the palm.

What is carpal tunnel syndrome?

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a ailment that affects the nerves and tendons in the carpal tunnel.

What causes carpal tunnel?

Carpal Tunnel: Too much pressure on the median nerve in the carpal tunnel (repetitive use of the hands, obesity/pregnancy).

What are the symptoms of carpal tunnel?

Carpal Tunnel: Tingling, aching, and burning pain in the hands/forearms at night or during repetitive use of the hands.

What is a carpal tunnel mouse?

Carpal Tunnel Mouse: A hand-held device that is used to perform exercises in which the user supports their forearm on a surface and then moves their hand from side to side.

What are carpal tunnel mouse precautions?

Carpal Tunnel Mouse: Some possible precautions are to be aware of the pressure being placed on the carpal tunnel while using it and not overworking muscles.

What are some activities that may help prevent carpal tunnel?

Carpal Tunnel: Regularly stretch the hands/forearms to help decrease stress, perform strengthening exercises, and avoid continuous hands/forearms.

What are some exercises that may help prevent carpal tunnel?

Carpal Tunnel: Wrist stretches, finger flexes, and hand open/closes can help decrease symptoms.

Under what circumstances is a carpal tunnel mouse indicated?

Answer: When placing a stiff wrist, splint fails. Carol Dines, a pediatric occupational therapist at Nemours/Alfred I. DuPont Hospital for Children, says that “a carpal tunnel mouse is a device that allows the child to actively move and use their fingers. The device is similar to a miniature bowling pin, and it’s taped into place on the hand.” Thus, it provides support without immobilizing the fingers.

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