Focus Bear: A New Way To Increase Productivity and Form Healthy Habits

Focus Bear is a new productivity and habit formation app based on neuroscience and psychology research. It blocks distractions when you want to concentrate on a tricky work/study challenge, reminds you to take breaks so you don’t burn out and also helps you to build healthy habits in the morning and evening. The app was specifically designed to help people with ADHD but anyone who struggles to stay focused could benefit. 

What makes Focus Bear unique?

Designed by neuroscience experts

Focus Bear was built based on the lived experience of the founder (who has ADHD) as well as expert advice from the scientific advisory board. Most habit and productivity apps are designed for neurotypical people and don’t work particularly well for people with neurodiverse brains.

A lot more than tracking habits

If you’ve ever used a habit-tracking app, you’ll find that it either relies on you remembering to open the app or that it gently prompts you with push notifications. Most people have so many push notifications on their phones that this approach is inconsistent at best. It’s much more hands-on with Focus Bear: your whole screen reminds you to do your habits and you can’t access your computer or phone until your morning routine is complete (yet you can still skip habits if necessary).

A lot more than tracking habits

In addition to habit reminders, Focus Bear guides you through each habit in real time. For habits that benefit from follow along videos (e.g. exercise/meditation), you can embed Youtube videos inside the app (the great thing about this is you don’t get the distractions of the Youtube recommendation engine).

A lot more than tracking habits

A cross-device distraction blocker

There are a lot of content blockers for your computer and a few for your phone but there aren’t any that work well in tandem. When you start a focus block on your computer, Focus Bear will automatically kick in on your phone as well.

A cross-device distraction blocker

Breaks for the brain and body

It is important to take regular breaks to avoid screen headaches or sore necks caused by all that productivity. Focus Bear gives you periodic break reminders to help.

Breaks for the brain and body

There are other break reminder apps out there and they have a fatal flaw: they don’t notice when you’re in a video meeting. It’s super awkward when you’re sharing your screen and a break timer pops up. Focus Bear is smart enough to notice when you’re in a meeting and won’t interrupt you until the meeting is over.

How good is Focus Bear?

Unlike many other focus apps which only tackle part of the problem, Focus Bear’s cross device distraction blocking feature is a winner. Combining habits is also an excellent approach as developing regular habits helps improve productivity over time.


If you struggle with consistent productivity and would like to lock in a solid morning routine, give Focus Bear a go.

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