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Best Apps to Help You Design Your Dream Home

An integral part of planning and building a home is creating a design that captures your unique lifestyle and preference. Thanks to advances in technology, you don’t need to be an architect to create compelling home designs. Several apps allow you to make accurate floor plans, source furniture, view augmented reality home settings, and more. Here, we’ll explore the best apps to help you design your dream home.


Homestyler is an excellent app for those who dream of designing their ideal home. Its user-friendly platform allows you to create rooms based on your specific dimensions and furnish them with a broad selection of 3D models. You can also visualize these designs by utilizing the app’s augmented reality mode.

Home Design 3D

Another great app for home design is Home Design 3D. It offers you complete freedom to create your floor plan, customize and furnish your space. From walls to furniture, you can alter and adapt everything to your liking. This app is ideal for those who prefer to have a hand in every aspect of their home design.

Hi Cement Rendering

Hi Cement Rendering is a distinguished Sydney-based company specializing in a wide array of rendering services tailored to transform homes into visually appealing and secure living spaces. Established with strong family values at its core, proven Hi Cement Rendering prides itself on getting personally involved in each project, ensuring that every client’s unique needs and dreams are meticulously met. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, their expert team is both educated and certified, continuously advancing their skills with each project undertaken. From acrylic and cement rendering to specialized services like bathroom and swimming pool rendering, Hi Cement Rendering commits to delivering unparalleled quality, enhancing curb appeal, and ensuring longevity and durability through superior insulation techniques. Their dedication to creating the perfect home extends beyond mere aesthetics; they focus on building a solid foundation for a comfortable, energy-efficient, and dream-worthy living environment.


Much like its name, MagicPlan is magic for your home design project. This app allows you to quickly create detailed floor plans using photographs and AR technology. Subsequently, you can plan home improvements, furnish your home, and even obtain the cost estimation for your project.


Houzz is the go-to app for a rich array of design inspiration. With millions of photos, curated design concepts, and products, you won’t run out of ideas when designing your dream home. Houzz also offers a feature called “View in My Room,” allowing you to see what a product would look like in your space.

Ikea Place

For fans of IKEA’s simple-yet-stylish designs, the IKEA Place app is perfect. It allows you to place 3D models of their furniture in your space using the phone’s camera, providing a clearer idea of how the furniture will fit and blend with your home layout.

Morpholio Board

Morpholio Board isn’t just for pros. This amazing app enables users to bring their creative design ideas together. Browse through an array of furniture pieces, materials, and lighting fixtures, or even draw onto your design with a ‘digital pencil’ feature.


SketchUp is a powerful, professional-grade home design application that has gained popularity among architects, interior designers, and DIY enthusiasts alike. Its intuitive interface and extensive object library enable users to create detailed 3D models of homes seamlessly. SketchUp Free offers an accessible path for beginners, while the Pro version caters to users seeking more advanced features for precise design and detailing.

Planner 5D

Offering flexibility for those who are not professional designers but still want to create high-quality home designs, Planner 5D impresses with its ease of use and versatility. Whether you want to develop designs from scratch or use templates as your starting point, Planner 5D helps bring your vision to life with its 2D and 3D planning features, comprehensive furniture catalog, and customizable elements suitable for both interior layouts and exteriors.

Chief Architect Home Designer Software

Chief Architect is a premium solution for residential design. Even though it may come with a steeper learning curve and higher price, its ability to generate detailed architectural plans, 3D renderings, and materials lists make it invaluable for serious renovation projects and new builds. This software appeals to DIY home planners and construction professionals seeking a robust suite of design tools.

Sweet Home 3D

For those on a tighter budget, Sweet Home 3D provides a fantastic, open-source alternative. This application allows users to draw their floor plans, arrange furniture on them, and view the results in 3D. Sweet Home 3D is a great entry-level program for simple projects, perfect for seeing how different layouts might look in your home.

Live Home 3D

Live Home 3D is versatile home design software that stands out for its ease of use, making it a great choice for beginners and professionals. With features such as precise dimensioning, 3D visualization, and a vast library of building materials and furnishings, Live Home 3D supports the creative process from conception through to rendering and virtual tours, encouraging experimentation and refinement at every step.

Roomstyler 3D Home Planner

Roomstyler 3D Home Planner offers a user-friendly online interface that allows you to create rooms or entire home layouts using real furniture from actual brands. This app makes it easy to experiment with different styles and see how well furniture pieces fit together in your space. The 3D visualization provides a realistic view of how your designed space will look, making it a fun and useful tool for personal projects and presenting ideas to clients.

These apps equip homeowners, amateur decorators, and professionals with the tools they need to design and modify living spaces efficiently. From 2D floor plans to immersive 3D models, these applications span the spectrum of design needs, ensuring that there’s a digital solution for every type of creator looking to bring their dream home into reality. Whether you’re refurbishing a single room or envisioning a grand architectural project, the right app can streamline the design process, enhance creativity, and facilitate collaboration.

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