With QuickBooks Data Repair Service, You Can Repair Damaged Data

Small to medium-sized businesses and startups love QuickBooks because it is customer-centric. You can store all of your business data in QuickBooks company files. Your business could be in serious trouble if you lose your data. You must correct any errors in QuickBooks data as soon as possible to ensure that your accounting data runs smoothly. The QuickBooks database repair tool can help you fix even the most difficult cases. This blog will help you understand the causes of QuickBooks data corruption, and how QuickBooks Data Repair Services can help.

What makes your QuickBooks data file corrupt?

If any of the following causes cause damage to your QuickBooks file, you will need to fix it.

  • QuickBooks can shut down unexpectedly because of a Windows power failure. This causes errors in the company file.
  • Incorrect entry of the list data can also cause corruption in the company file. You should therefore avail QuickBooks File Repair Service.
  • QuickBooks Repair is required if you find any damaged items or accounts in your company file.
  • Sometimes, a virus or computer malware can also cause damage to company files.

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What Signs That the Company Data File Is Corrupted?

Before you can begin to repair corrupt data, it is important that you verify the extent of the damage. Here are some indicators that will help you identify if your company file has been corrupted.

  • QuickBooks abruptly shuts down while you are working on it.
  • It is possible that the software does not contain the transaction list or the missing transaction list.
  • Unpaid invoices or bills are reflected on the balance sheet as paid.
  • Auditing the balance sheet can lead to an error.
  • Negative balances in the transaction history.

How do I fix damaged data in QuickBooks?

After you have identified the potential causes and symptoms of QB file damage, follow these steps to repair the QuickBooks file.

Method 1: Use the QuickBooks Verify and Rebuild Data Utility

You can use both QuickBooks Rebuild Data Utility and QuickBooks Verify Data Utility simultaneously to quickly identify and fix corrupted files.

  • Install QuickBooks first.
  • Click on the File you wish to open.
  • Click on Utilities and then select Rebuild Data.
  • Click OK if you wish to save a copy of the data file.
  • After the rebuild is complete, you will see “Rebuild completed” on your screen.
  • Then, click, OK.
  • Move on to Verify Data from Utilities. Run it to verify for data damage.

You can run the Verify Data utility to fix any issues that QuickBooks encounters. If this happens, click “Rebuild Now to Repair Damaged QuickBooks Data.” Otherwise, select OK to continue working on your company file.

Method 2: Repair damaged company file using QuickBooks File Doctor 2019.

QuickBooks File Doctor, a QuickBooks company file repair tool, can be used to fix data damage. This tool will help you quickly fix data damage issues.

Solution 3: Repair your company manually

The Verify Results window will show you the data damage in your company file after running the VerifyData utility.


These are the steps to follow if you’re in the middle or urgently need help.

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