5 Things You Need to Know About OTT Service

Let’s get started. Any type of streaming media or video over the top (OTT) service is any kind of media that allows viewers to access movies and TV shows via the internet. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu are some of the most well-known OTT providers.

Over the Top services basically use an internet connection in order to stream TV shows and movies. Many OTT providers offer their users an app, website or page that allows them to log in and access the content included with their subscription.

OTT services have many attractive benefits that viewers may not be aware of. We compiled a list of 5 essential things to understand Over-the-Top services like a pro.

OTT services are rapidly becoming a popular way to watch video. Netflix is the Big Dog among all OTT service providers. We are not joking when they say that they are changing the way the world views video and TV.

This is what you might be asking. It means that viewing options are constantly evolving and changing to offer the best user experience. This sounds like a great deal. You get more shows, more access, and you can access your content wherever you are. A Netflix subscription costs only $12 per month.

To enjoy the convenience of OTT, millions subscribe to Netflix and other service providers around the globe.

This number is even more impressive because 785 million people subscribe to OTT providers (such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video), around the world.

2. OTT requires an Internet connection

Be aware that not all services are available over the internet. We recommend at least 25mbps streaming for a smooth viewing experience.

This post will help you determine your connection speed.

A 25mbps bandwidth connection can typically support one stream over-the-top and one or two smartphones if the connection has been having a good day. We offer 25mbps as the lowest speed because most people stream from multiple devices, whether they are browsing the internet, playing online games, or simply scrolling through Facebook. A faster connection is required to do all these things simultaneously.

3. No. More. Commercials.

Yep. That’s right. An OTT stream allows you to watch your favorite shows on Netflix and syncler without the need for commercials. Subscriptions like Netflix are popular because they don’t have commercials. This saves viewers time and prevents them from being interrupted by commercials. claims that Netflix saved its subscribers 160 hours of commercials per year on average.

Be aware that streaming services such as Netflix do not offer recent cable TV shows. Hulu and other streaming services offer the latest episodes and seasons of cable TV shows. These shows will still contain commercials unless you subscribe to a premium subscription.

Hulu, unlike traditional cable and IPTV, selects commercials based on your viewing history. In some cases, you can even choose the brand to be featured in the commercials you view.

4. OTT doesn’t have to be either-or

Your subscription doesn’t have to be limited to one provider. Netflix, Hulu and Freeflix are all subscribed to by many households for different reasons.

Users can subscribe to OTT services for as low as $12 and $8 per month on Netflix, and have access to a huge library of free shows and recent cable shows. Amazon Prime is another popular option. This allows users to access a vast video library, two-day free shipping on Prime products, as well as a host of other benefits.

Many households also subscribe to OTT providers as well as their monthly cable plans. This allows them to access huge video libraries while still keeping up with live TV.

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5. You have many options to access OTT Services

There are many options available if you’re looking to add OTT to the home.

Buy a Smart TV

A flat-screen TV, or smart TV, used to be very expensive and unaffordable for most households. Consumers can now easily find Smart TVs with 30” and 40” screens for as low as $250. Many Smart TVs are pre-installed with Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video apps.

Get an add-on device for your current TV

Have you just bought a TV that isn’t smart? Don’t worry. You don’t have to worry. Add-on devices such as Roku, Chromecast Stick, and Amazon’s Fire TV Stick are available for around $30-50. These devices allow users to plug their device into an HDMI port on a TV and access an “app screen” on the TV’s appropriate HDMI channel.

You can then log in to any subscription app directly from the screen and access all your services on your TV.

Is any of this appealing to you?

An HDMI cable is available for purchase, usually costing between $5-10. To stream your favorite shows, visit the website of the OTT provider.

Use your Laptop/Computer/Tablet/Device

You can access the provider’s website if you don’t need to worry about the above-mentioned methods of accessing your OTT service. You can view your shows on any type of electronic computing device: smartphone, tablet, computer, laptop or computer.

What Features Should You Look for in an OTT Platform?

  • HTML5 Video
  • High customization
  • Live Streaming Tools
  • APIs and custom SDKs
  • In-depth Reporting
  • Multi-language support
  • 4K Support
  • Security
  • Multi-platform Support
  • Live Video on Demand
  • Automated Transcoding


So we discussed the 5 things you need to know about the OTT platform that helps you to choose the best OTT subscription. These 5 Things should be in priority when you select an OTT platform or purchase an OTT subscription.

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