How To Incorporate Visuals In Your Law Firm’s Web Design

What exactly are branding and identity is actually? It’s more than only a logo. And it should not only “look nice” and “pop.” It’s about branding is, when well developed and designed can be an opening to your company as well as communicate its story. Your web-based identity could represent the initial impression that people have of you and your law firm.

A professional designer should design an aesthetic and style that harmonizes your visual communications in a manner that conveys your brand’s image to the people you are trying to reach. Remember that the exact elements that compose your company’s visual identity depend on the needs of your business. In general, this overall style and feel will determine the layout of marketing tools such as letterheads, business cards, and brochures, and the layout of websites.

Law firms that operate in highly competitive markets, distinguishing themselves from dull law firms are essential. The first step is to create an original, memorable image of their brand.

A fresh design for a well-established family law firm run by women.

Established in 1987, Berner Klaw & Watson LLP (BKW) is a family law firm based in Philadelphia, managed and owned by a remarkable team made up of women. Presently, the firm is comprised of 7 attorneys as well as 6 support The firm handles every aspect of family law, which includes custody, divorce, and support LGBTQ issues names, adoptions, and name changes.

This year, BKW sought out my firm as they required a brand new website that not only displays their commitment to the law of family but permits easy modification and updates with no need of assistance from a third party. When I met with this diverse bunch of females, I quickly realized that their logo required a revamp to match their brand’s visual identity online.

Prior to working with me, BKW had been using the wordmark logo that was not changed for more than 10 years:

The new strategy included keeping elements of the original logo, such as the stacked layout, but incorporating the bold font and a fresh color palette. It’s a classic logo with subtle slicing elements on the initials of the business as well as a visual enhancement by incorporating a vibrant ampersand. Although the concept of a new logo initially received with some resistance, the final result is the result of an “aha” moment, and the idea of incorporating it into the brand was an easy decision:

Beyond the design of the logo itself, the new logo was required to reflect its “feel” associated with the company’s fundamentals and values.The feeling is an emotional and physical experience.” –Abbott Miller, Pentagram Design Partner

In order to incorporate to convey the “feel,” I looked at BKW’s mission statement which is to help the most people possible by providing top-quality legal services for the lowest costs, no matter when all clients can pay for is coaching or limited representation. I also discovered that when Pennsylvania approved non-married, identical couple adoptions as of 2002 BKW accepted the families with welcoming arms.

It was essential that BKW’s new web-based visual identity conveys the firm’s power warm, understanding, and warmth. Since it is the first impression of the company the logo sets the foundation for the impression that will be reinforced by additional visual communications as well as interactions with BKW’s knowledgeable and knowledgeable staff and attorneys. When I designed the firm’s brand newly launched website, cards for business along with stationery I thought of BKW’s tagline “valuing every family”:

Recognizing value

BKW realized the value of a site that stood out from many other websites in terms of design, functionality as well as message. BKW continues to acknowledge the importance of keeping the website current. Today more than ever companies of all types are faced with the challenge of establishing a presence on the internet. A major hurdle for many companies and organizations is to understand the distinction between templates and a fully customized website that can set them apart from the rest of their competitors.

When my firm first began working with clients within the legal industry I was awestruck by the plethora of templates that are specifically tailored to industry law firms. However, for many firms or for solo lawyers who are new to the field having access to capital for an entire custom project can be a huge burden and it’s sensible to ask if it is necessary. It’s true that a lawyer’s determination, dedication, and experience are what get the majority of their work. However, in this world, the website and their online presence, like many other companies–give them the opportunity to give prospective clients a glimpse of the things they’re made of. Practice area pages that are thorough video, blog posts are useful tools that aid prospective clients overcome difficult legal issues and help convert them into paying clients.

Content is the key to success

Another benefit of a customized website is that it’s designed to meet the specific needs of each customer needs. For law firms of all sizes, a custom-designed website can be designed to allow the creation of custom solutions to the design and function of necessary features such as attorney profiles landing pages for practice areas as well as news and publication archives, as well as media-rich content slideshows.

The BKW website was developed with its content and communications requirements in mind. They had a firm stance against using stock images, and so it was vital to make sure that the site featured candid shots of their staff and attorneys, taken by an experienced photographer. Furthermore, the firm requested the creation of videos with each attorney providing short videos of the processes involved in certain of their most important areas of practice.

Content should be the primary guideline for your design for a site rather than the reverse. A well-thought-out content strategy is an essential element of effective visual communication when designing for screens. On the BKW website, the content also sent the message that they’re a solid skilled team dedicated to providing an effective and thoughtful visual representation.

From conception to implementation

While everyone would love to have a clean, beautiful website, appearances don’t mean everything. Beautiful looks without conversion will not suffice. This is why it’s crucial to choose a design company that conducts its own study, analyzes the strategy for content and the user’s experience, and then implements tools for analysis to track website usage and implement changes as required. The ultimate success of any design is about balance.

Mobile traffic has surpassed desktop traffic in the past few years, it’s essential that websites of law firms load fast and smoothly on all screens. In contrast to the one-size-fits-all approach offered by a template site A custom-designed design will guarantee that, regardless of the device, your message is consistently communicated to prospective customers. When they are looking for details about your business the majority of users will begin their search using mobile browsers. The thing that many don’t realize is that having a separate mobile application is not necessary. A well-designed and optimized website for mobile-friendly performance will rank higher in Google results for search results and rapidly provide users with access to the most important details about your company. A responsive site is generally more affordable than the development of mobile apps and also eliminates the hassle of having users download install and maintain an app.

The greatest benefit of online visual communications is fluidity. Websites and posts should be constructed to boost the engagement of users and to reinforce messages. Since the first time they launched the BKW website in 2006, the team has been working hard at creating new and fresh content and maintaining the consistency of the brand. We’ve collaborated to develop new layouts and new mobile views in order to ensure the effectiveness of the site in terms of performance as well as speed and interaction. We also collaborate in the creation of ads for local non-profit events, to ensure that there is a uniformity in the visual language. Any law company to evaluate the effectiveness of its online brand identity, should be asking themselves what do our digital assets reflect the core values of the company and what are we able to do better?

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