How Safe is Call Encryption?

As digital marketing takes over the business industry, more consumers flock to online purchases. Online shopping has become more convenient and efficient for customers, especially when reaching out to their contact center.

Company contact centers handle business calls, text inquiries, follow-up emails, or chats. The information exchange through business communication channels may contain customers’ personal data, which companies have to protect.

So, how can companies protect their customers’ privacy? Would encrypting calls, messages, and emails help? Let’s talk first about how safe call encryption is in this article.


In this digital era, the use of landlines has gone out of fashion. People may still have it in their offices or homes, but they rarely pick up their landlines for a call. 

Most consumers do not know that calls through landlines are relatively safe because of the single line that connects from both ends. Although wiretapping is possible, it is difficult for them to do as law enforcement officers can easily notice. Wiretapping needs actual wiring to access the call. Thus, anyone that plans to steal information from your calls needs some serious skills and dedication.

Moreover, landline security can be boosted by encrypting voice signals. Although, both parties need one these security measures make landline calls less of a target for security breaches.


Smartphones are continuously evolving and how most people are using smartphones for everything they do, makes calls over cellphones the most convenient. Moreover, calls taken from smartphones take up the largest share of call volumes. However, smartphones are more easily interceptable than landlines.

Phones do not have a wire involved, if there is an identity theft nearby, it can listen to your call. That’s when call encryptions are developed. However, the level of security depends on the encryption protocols. 

Using standard encryption makes it relatively easy to intercept. You may say its vulnerabilities can be fixed once the encryption protocol is updated. However, its newer version does not also guarantee total security either.

If your customer service is handling sensitive information, you can use encrypted VoIP and messaging applications which offers better security protocols. 


As businesses have to adapt what communication channels consumers use these days, you have to consider answering calls through VoIP. You can answer video and voice calls from business VoIP providers. It is quite essential for businesses during the pandemic.

VoIP security entirely depends on network security and call encryption. If you subscribed from an unencrypted VoIP, identity thefts can easily intercept their network. That’s why ensure to equip your contact center with a reliable VoIP provider.

A top-notch VoIP provider offers quality end-to-end encryption and often integrates analytic platforms and other customer relationship management systems. 

Final Takeaway

Business calls can happen from different channels. It can be through landline phones, smartphones, or VoIP. Each channel offers different protection levels. In this digital era, providers and consumers have to be aware of the continuous threats from identity thieves. 

As a reliable company, you have to protect your business and customers data by using the right channels and security methods.

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