WhatsApp Plus Latest APK Download (Unlimited) For Android

Do you want to download the most recent 9.52 version of WhatsApp Plus APK for Android? Then you have simply jumped over the proper area. I’ll share another Whatsapp Plus version with you today that is much more feature-rich than the standard WhatsApp.

One of the most well-liked WhatsApp mods is GBWhatsapp, which I recently shared. But GBWhatsapp and the Whatsapp Plus app are very similar. YOWhatsApp is another alternative to the most recent version of WhatsApp Plus; it offers the same features as GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp+.

Nowadays, WhatsApp is available on every smartphone. However, WhatsApp’s UI and functionality haven’t changed all that much since it first launched. For this reason, WhatsApp mod versions are useful because they offer more sharp features than the stock version of WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp Plus APK: What Is It?

It is WhatsApp in an edited form. The creator has changed it, adding more features, and tweaks with tens of thousands of attractive themes. As a result, there are many more things you can do than with the original WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is available in a variety of edited versions on the market. The best ones are, however, GBWhatsapp and Whatsapp plus apk 9.52. Download it to take advantage of the extra crispy features.

You can use several WhatsApp accounts on a single phone thanks to it. For a month, I have been using WhatsApp Plus in its most recent iteration, and I adore it. Your Android device does not require rooting to be used.

What WhatsApp Plus APK Has To Offer?

The last seen, blue ticks, second tick, and other features are all easily hidden.

  • Your WhatsApp status can always be kept online and will still be visible when the app is offline.
  • Additionally, it can assist in the creation of group invite links, which we can then use to invite friends to join the groups by simply clicking on the link.
  • While typing in WhatsApp, quickly hide the typing status.
  • By taking a few actions, you can conceal your status.
  • improved call quality for voice and video calls using the WhatsApp Plus app.
  • On WhatsApp, you can lock your conversations.
  • Using your Gmail address, you can quickly back up and restore every aspect of your WhatsApp conversations, including the images, videos, and GIFs.
  • Instead of being limited to 139 characters, you can set the status to 255 characters.
  • You can copy your friend’s status to the clipboard after installing WhatsApp + for Android, then paste it to make it your own.
  • There are many themes accessible for free download; you can choose any and use them.
  • Whatsapp Plus apk is part of the latest features.
  • Change the background of your conversation screen and add other customizations.
  • You may easily give blue ticks any style you like, such as an iOS style or a Facebook Messenger style.
  • No one will be able to call you on WhatsApp after you disable voice calls.
  • User interface that is fast and free of bugs and has many customization possibilities.
  • Send any type of document file, including Word, Excel, PDF, and CVV.
  • Similarly to that, after downloading WhatsApp Plus the most recent version, you can transfer games and apps.
  • Use two WhatsApp accounts with the Android app for WhatsApp.
  • You may transmit ten photographs at once, something the official WhatsApp app does not provide.
  • When sending photographs, the normal WhatsApp app always downgrades the quality, but this is not a problem with the WhatsApp plus app.
  • WhatsApp Plus for Android may be installed without root access.
  • For Android devices, you may download WhatsApp Plus for free.

The most recent version of WhatsApp for Android

The same person created both GBWhatsapp and Whatsapp + 9.52. (Atnfas Hoak). He did a really good job and produced the two most well-known WhatsApp mods. Even still, a lot of individuals are unaware of these two WhatsApp modifications.

You will forget about ordinary WhatsApp after using the WhatsApp + app on your Android phone, though. It has the advantage of supporting practically all Android versions. Need to look into FMWhatsapp for Android. Pick one of these unique Whatsapp group names when you establish a group on WA Plus.

The aforementioned download URLs are checked frequently; nevertheless, if by chance any of them are broken, do let us know in the comments section. Here are some statistics for the most recent version of Whatsapp Plus.


Is the Whatsapp Plus apk for Android secure to use?

You can use it without any problems, yes. Whatsapp modifications are secure; nonetheless, Android devices alert users that these are modified programs. Because of this, some people wonder if it’s safe or not.

What is the image transfer limit?

With Whatsapp+, 90 photos can be sent all at once. I believe it is plenty for a fervent user. Send 90 photographs the first time, then 90 again in this manner; the number of photos you can send is endless.

How many people can join a broadcast list?

It is simple to add up to 600 members. Create a new list if you wish to add more people to the Whatsapp Plus broadcast list. This implies that 1200 people are equal to 2 broadcast lists.

What is the word count restriction for status?

Statuses may contain up to 250 words, which is more than Whatsapp typically allows. To set a separate status, you can use different Whatsapp accounts. You can boost the word count with this method.

Can we simultaneously use Whatsapp Plus and regular Whatsapp?

Yes, they work well together to let Android users enjoy dual WhatsApp. Additionally, you can use GBWhatsapp and YOWhatsapp using the WhatsApp Plus mod.


These days, WhatsApp users are starting to embrace moderators. Nowadays, users like GBWhatsApp or WhatsApp plus 9.52 over the official version of the app. Additionally, you can download the WhatsApp Plus app and use its limitless capabilities.

The WhatsApp Plus version offers tens of thousands of themes. After customizing WhatsApp, you can give it a distinctive or personal appearance. Don’t forget to share this content with your friends if you liked it. If you have any inquiries about the post, please let me know. For further updates, check out GBWApps.Com frequently.

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