Software Outsourcing Services to Vietnam

In recent years, technical breakthroughs and commercial innovations have propelled the software outsourcing market in Vietnam to new heights. The country’s economic, organizational, and industrial revolutions, as well as the transformation of entire nations, resulted as a result of this.

Because it is one of the world’s important outsourcing centres, notably in the ASEAN area, and because of its reasonable rates and highly qualified IT workforce, Vietnam is a popular location for organizations looking for software outsourcing services to outsource their projects.

Reasons To Start Outsourcing in Vietnam:

  1. Human Resources Available to Help Your IT Company Grow:

Information technology has become a popular subject in Vietnamese schools during the earlier decade. Software development, programming, and coding courses have been offered in a variety of private schools and learning centers in addition to public schools.

  1. Labor Costs are Competitive: 

In comparison to other nations in the region, Vietnam still has a low-cost recruiting market. A software engineer in Vietnam receives only 50-60% of the income of a similar level engineer in India or Singapore, or 80% of those in Indonesia or Malaysia, when it comes to IT labor.

  1. Incentives from the Vietnamese government: 

The Vietnamese government is trying hard to introduce high-tech from the world market into the country. As a result, favorable conditions have been created for the establishment and growth of industries such as software development.

Software development is one of many IT-related industries that the government is considering for tax advantages, with up to 15 years of tax exemption and reduction.

In Vietnam, starting a company in the IT sector is considered the most straightforward way to start a business.

Way to Open Outsourcing Company in Vietnam:

A foreigner can entirely own a software outsourcing company. The Limited Liability Company (LLC) is the most frequent company structure in Vietnam (LLC).

The following steps must be followed in order to register a software outsourcing company in Vietnam.

  1. Find a location for your business: At the registration stage, a virtual office can be used.
  2. Assign a resident director: the legal representative should be someone who lives in Vietnam.
  3. Decide on the company’s capital investment: Although the legislation does not require, most businesses begin with a minimum of USD 10,000. The higher the number, the better.

With all of the above in place, a software outsourcing company can be up and running in 45 days, according to the typical timeline.

After obtaining a business license, the company can begin employing employees and signing contracts.


Vietnam is a country that has made significant economic progress, and Vietnam software outsourcing is currently one of the most popular places in the world. Outsourcing IT tasks to Vietnam is a fantastic way to keep costs down while supporting high quality. Because of Vietnam’s talented workforce, skilled professionals who are fluent in English can be found. This makes communication easier than if your business partners were spread out across the country.

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