Want to win Radio Contests? Here are 10 ways you can

Do you ever hear radio ads for upcoming events or competitions? If you don’t stop and write down the information, you could be missing out on the chance to win free concert tickets, experiences, or cash.

People are likely to enter phone-in radio contests, and they’ll get fewer entries than online sweepstakes. Most of the people who are listening will never bother to try to win. This means that you’re likely to win if you enter a phone-in radio contest.

In addition, if you enter intelligently, you can increase your chances even more. Below are ten tips to help you claim prizes offered on the air.

Listen to Different Radio Stations

If you want to find radio sweepstakes, listen to different radio stations whenever you have the time.

Know each station’s rhythms, such as when they play their song of the day and which DJs are most likely to have giveaways.

Some internet radio stations offer streaming audio of their shows, allowing listeners to listen to them on their computers even when they are not near a radio.

Many radio stations have better odds of winning prizes than others. In fact, some radio stations may have more giveaways and fewer listeners than national radio stations. Therefore, you should prioritize listening to local radio stations over national ones.

Keep track of important facts that could help you win.

If you are good at organization, you will have an advantage over the other contestants in radio contests. For instance, taking notes about contests you hear on the radio helps you avoid missing opportunities.

If you want to be sure to get an important phone call, put the phone on silent and go to a public place, where you’ll be sure to hear the call.

Some useful information to remember in your notes include: What you should do if you are connected to a DJ, how to tell when it’s time to call, what you’ll need to do if you have to call the DJ, and any hints or tips that the DJ might give you.

Some contests give prizes to those who answer trivia questions, or clues to winning the prize, but participants must write down the answers or clues, even if they know them.

If you pass the test and make it through, you’ll be fully prepared if you get through and have a chance to win.

MANDY: Good morning, John! What brings you here?JOHN: I want to talk to you about the subject of gossip.MANDY: Gossip? Oh, how fun! That’s so old school

Review Your Requirements for Each Contest

If you have a radio station in your area that has sweepstakes, make sure you know when the station begins each month’s radio sweepstakes. This will allow you to set up reminders on your calendar.

An online calendar is helpful because it gives you the ability to schedule reminders. However, the notes on the calendar can’t be accessed through a phone’s calendar app.

If you prefer to use reminder software, put them on your mobile phone, use software on your computer, or use a paper planner.

Add Radio Station phone numbers to your speed dial.

Most radio stations will require you to call a number in order to win prizes. Calling the number gives you an edge by adding it to your speed dial or phone number.

You’ll be able to dial faster with the new, ergonomic touchscreen phone. Additionally, you won’t run the risk of misdialing and missing out on the opportunity to win a prize.

It’s important to cross reference the number on your speed dial with your notes before calling; otherwise, you may accidentally call the wrong number if you have a different phone number.

Keep calling until you win, or you’re sure you’ve lost

Calling radio giveaways too early is a common mistake; however, it does not mean that you will be disqualified from winning. It is likely that you are calling at the same time as many other entrants, but that does not mean that you will be disqualified from winning.

When you get a busy signal, call the person again immediately. Then again, and again. If you get through, ask if they’re sure that you’re calling the right person. Often, if you call the person twice, you’ll be connected to the right party.

If it seems like a lot of time has passed, don’t give up, because some stations announce the winner only after they are finished announcing all the other entries. Call until the winner is announced on the air.

Use voice to text or call the 911

Since you’re in a hurry, try to speed up the process of making calls. You can increase your chances by tapping the phone’s flash and redial buttons.

Calling a phone number will save you from having to manually enter the number each time, but the auto redial feature is faster.

Don’t accidentally hang up the phone, or dial a wrong number, when using a call back service. Some phone companies offer a continuous redial service, for a low fee. This service will continuously call you in the background, until you reach a ring instead of a busy tone.

Use More Than One Phone

If you have two phones, such as a home phone and a cell phone, you might double your chances of getting through by calling in with both at the same time.

Using the phone’s speaker function will help you keep track of which phone is getting through or reaching a busy signal.

Land Line Phones Are Faster

Most cell phones take longer to dial than a regular telephone, and they are slower to hang up than a regular telephone. However, it is always best to enter the lottery with a cell phone, as there is always a chance of winning.

Cancel Extraneous Phone Services

Even if you never use your three-way calling service, having it available on your line can slow down your redial time.

In all cases, it’s a good idea to keep any services that you use, but it’s important to talk with your phone company about canceling extra features that you don’t use. Doing so might help your phone service run faster and also reduce the amount of time you have to wait for calls to connect.

Look for friends and ask them to help you out.

Form a team with your local sweepstakes club or with interested friends. Help each other win.

It is suggested that when trying to win concert tickets, one should convince a friend to try to win, too. The winner can invite the other.

One way of encouraging people to speak up is by creating a community of people who can help each other to win on the air.

Your radio sweepstakes group can communicate about upcoming sweepstakes, increasing your chances of winning.

If you’re entering something to win it, be picky about what you enter.

Radio stations give away CDs, money and cash to listeners. They also play ads and talk shows.

Before you enter any prize drawing, you should consider the fact that most radio stations have limits on how often people can win prizes from them. For example, the radio station might say that each person can win a prize only once every 30 days.

Some networks even have a limit on the number of “wins” you can win on all of their radio stations.

While it’s fun to win prizes, it’s a good idea to choose something that you’re excited about. This way, you don’t end up with nothing after you’ve spent the time, effort, and money to enter.

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