Social Media Monitoring Tools Can Play a Vital Role in Growing Your Business and NetbaseQuid Is Ready to Help

Social media monitoring is a process that can make a big difference for today’s brands that are looking to grow their market share. It is the process of carefully tracking all of the mentions that a brand is receiving online and then using an effective strategy to respond back to them. 

Why Social Media Monitoring Is Important

The reality is that the current data shows that a majority of consumers reach out to their favorite brands through social media if they have enjoyed a positive experience or a negative one. They also reach out to a brand if they have questions that they are looking for answers to. 

Effective social media monitoring is one of the best ways for a brand to stay up-to-date on all of its messages. It can also help with areas such as reputation management as effective monitoring allows a brand to become aware of any negative comments that are currently present online. An increasing number of companies are placing a significant amount of emphasis on monitoring their social media presence as they work to uphold a positive brand image. 

Building an Effective Strategy for Social Media Monitoring

For a brand to succeed in its goal of effective monitoring, it is necessary to have a sound strategy that is systematic in nature. There are a lot of factors involved with being effective at monitoring social media. Putting together a comprehensive strategy allows a brand to focus on all important parts of the process. Some of the key factors that an effective strategy should focus on addressing include: 

  • Campaign, industry, and brand hashtags
  • All mentions across various social media platforms
  • The brand name (This includes common misspellings of the brand name)
  • Posts and photos that tag the brand in question
  • Location posts
  • Names of brand products

Focusing on this list of social media-related factors is essential to attaining success in brand monitoring across the various platforms that are utilized for marketing/advertising purposes.

Using the right Monitoring Tools Can Be a Game-Changer

The right social media monitoring tools are a real game-changer when it comes to implementing an effective strategy. Today’s monitoring tools make it possible to effectively analyze a brand’s social media presence. Using high-quality tools can be a significant time and money saver. 

Some prime examples of how monitoring tools make a difference include areas such as team reports. These reports make it possible for brand leadership to see how quickly and effectively their team is responding to mentions across social media platforms. 

Today’s monitoring tools also help brands to gain a better understanding of how their current campaigns and content is performing. This includes the ability to effectively filter mentions/tags across various channels. These types of reports make it possible for a brand to effectively understand how their various campaigns are performing with consumers who have engaged with them.

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