Easter Update for Rust

Rust players, get ready for some exciting new changes! This month, the game has received an update that introduces a range of new features, improvements, and bug fixes. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key changes that have been made.

Map Markers:

Map markers have received a significant upgrade this month, with players now able to place up to 5 markers on the map. A new set of controls has been added to help players identify each marker, making it easier to manage and edit them. Additionally, players can now choose from multiple colors and icons for each marker, as well as add a label.


A new system called Pings has been added to the game to help players communicate more effectively with their teammates. Pings can be used when using reconnaissance tools like CCTV cameras, drones, and binoculars. Players can place contextual pings by single-tapping the ping key or access a radial menu with all of the ping options by holding down the ping key. Additionally, double pressing the ping key will place a red hostile ping to represent danger.

Double Horse Saddle:

A new item called the Double Saddle has been added to the game, which allows two players to mount and ride a horse. Wild horses spawn with a single seater saddle, but players can swap it for a double seater via the horse radial menu if they have the required saddle item. The single seater saddle is still available for those who prefer it.

World Model Refresh:

The world models for several items have received a refresh, making it easier for players to identify them. The refresh includes new models for items such as Road Sign Gloves, Snap Trap, High-Velocity Rocket, Incendiary Rocket, and Shotgun Ammo.

Improvements and Fixes:

Several improvements and bug fixes have been made to the game, including the ability to ignore loot containers by alt-clicking inventory items, improvements to the computer station UI, and fixes for issues with floating single items, CPU affinity, and multithreaded networking.


To celebrate the season, an Easter egg hunt has been added to the game. Every 24-38 in-game hours, players will have three minutes to collect as many eggs as they can. The top three players will receive special eggs as a reward, which can be cracked open for loot ranging from scrap to an M249. Painted eggs can be upgraded to bronze, silver, and gold, with various items available to help players during the hunt. The new Easter event means that bases are going to be filled with loot! To make the most out of your time raiding bases and save on sulfur, you can use a tool that calculates Rust raid costs.

In conclusion, the latest update for Rust introduces a range of exciting new features and improvements, as well as bug fixes to enhance the gameplay experience for players. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a new player, the latest update is definitely worth checking out. So grab your gear and head into the world of Rust to explore all the new changes for yourself!


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