Bali Safari & Marine Park Tour

Bali, an island full of tourist destinations, has various interesting things for tourists to visit. Not only natural beauty, culture, and culinary, other tourist attractions in Bali are also very suitable for vacation.

One of the famous zoos on the island of Bali is the Bali Safari & Marine Park. This place has been established since November 13, 2007. Bali Safari & Marine Park has around 140 species with a total of 400 animals.

The Uniqueness of Bali Safari & Marine Park

Bali Safari Park is very popular, for both local and foreign tourist. There are various unique features that this Bali safari has so that it becomes an attraction. Here are some things that make Bali Safari & Marine Park worth visiting.

  1. Rare Animals

Bali Safari Park still preserves several types of rare animals. Tourists can see rare animals from three countries: Indonesia, India, and South Africa. Rare animals from India include Himalayan bears, spotted deer, and blackbucks.

Rare animals from Indonesia include owls, deer pigs, white starlings, Sumatran tigers, and so on. Meanwhile, rare animals from South Africa have the lion, ostrich, hippopotamus, zebra, and blue wildebeest.

  1. Safari Journey

Safari Journey is a tour using a particular car along the Bali Safari Park safari. Thus, tourists who do not have or do not bring a car can still go around the zoo to see animals.

Unique cars in Bali Safari Park are designed to be comfortable and safe. Therefore, visitors will be able to see the animals up close. In this safari journey, there is also a guide to explain each animal passed.

  1. Bali Agung Show

Bali Safari & Marine Park has the Bali Agung Show, an art performance with a large number of dancers. Not only dance, this show also combines modern theater performances with traditional Balinese art theater.

  1. Bali Night Safari

Almost the same as Safari Journey, but Night Safari is done at night. Visitors who try this night safari will feel a different sensation. The beauty of the lights and the zoo at night attracts tourists to experience a night safari.

  1. Water Play Zone

The Water Play Zone is a playground for children. With many rides, Bali Safari Park is very suitable for family vacations. The rides provided include swimming pools, water slides, and so on.

Bali Safari & Marine Park is an iconic family tour of Dewata Island. This tourist spot is quite strategic for a vacation because its location is close to other destinations, such as Gili Trawangan Bali.

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