Is vpn a scam?

There are so many vpn companies online right now offering their services and you really must be careful who to give your hard earned cash to. Today we are going to provide some alternative vpn companies which provide great value and have been around much longer than

What is a vpn?

VPN stands for “virtual private network” which is a service that helps protects your internet connection and privacy online. It creates an encrypted tunnel for your gaming data, protects your online identity by hiding your IP address, and allows you to use public Wi-Fi hotspots safely. There are also special vpns such as sbmmoff vpn which help you get into bot lobbies in games like call of duty.

Which vpn can i trust?

You should always pick a company that has been in the industry for a long time. Vpns like sbmmoff vpn and nolagvpn have been around for many years and have a great reputation in the call of duty community.

Is safe?

We can’t say if it is safe or not as the company is brand new and was only started in 2020. Infact the domain name was only registred recently on 2022-01-05. You should always consider how long a website has been active before making a purchase of their product.

What vpn is the best for bot lobbies?

We recommend using as their website / company has been around for much longer and their vpn is trusted by the community and used by tens of thousands of call of duty gamers. You may also take a look at which is another option in the call of duty vpn scene. You can compare a list of call of duty vpns here.

Can i get banned for using a vpn?

No, it is not against the rules to use a vpn in call of duty games.


Always do your research and if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is too good to be true.

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