3 Most Played Online Games Of The Year And Why They Are Popular

In this world full of chaos and disagreement, people need some entertainment to calm and soothe themselves. This entertainment can be in any form, the form of the walk, gardening, dancing, reading novels, playing games and travelling. Everyone works accordingly to their taste, state of mind, and interest. But the most common form is playing games. The games include both indoor and outdoor types. The indoors consists of sports that can one enjoy while staying at home, like ludo, puzzle, carrom, chess, hide and seek etc. While in outdoor sports, we have cricket, hockey, football, volleyball, polo etc. Such sports entertain us, relax our minds, and help us gain energy to perform better. But wait! Other than indoor and outdoor sports, we have another option for these gaming series, which conclusively includes online games. Yes, you are guessing it right! Online sports include all entertainment in just one hand: your mobile phone. Online sports are becoming a trend and are more popular among the youth nowadays. The most common forms of online sports include ninja games, fighting games, decorative explorations, makeup ideas, chess tournaments online, and baking games. So if anyone wants to cook, they can have an opinion too.

Online versus Other Games:

Online games are far better than other games because, most importantly, they do not require any investments. The benefits of online sports include:

  • Enhance brain skills
  • Promotes concentration
  • Multi-tasking skills are improved
  • There are social benefits to the group playing
  • A fun way to be active
  • Socializing

The Most Popular Online Games of the Year:

There are various online sports to be played. But the most crucial part is to be invigilated. Sometimes, online sports can be a hazard if not appropriately undergone. Vigilance is an essential part to be acknowledged. Some of the most played games of the year include:


The most played game of the year at the top! And really would not have someone heard more names than this one. PUBG stands for Players Unknown Battleground. As evident from the title, it is a fighting game. Now the question arises what makes this game so different or addictive? The answer to this question concludes with its style, features and the 3D sound system, making it so distinct and separate. The game space required for smooth play is approximately 4GB RAM. Being a more social game, it allows communication in the back end while playing the game. The three distinctive modes make it even more interesting, and the modes comprise Solo, Duo and Squad. It is a skill provoking game as one can not survive without using tactics and techniques.

League of Legends:

The captivating graphical usage of this game has made it a unique piece of art. With over 27 million online players, this game is another most played game. It withstands the three mottos, the teamwork and being strong and brave. Don’t you think these critical goals are in every idea? This game involves the hundreds of characters that a person can choose in-game. If you are a new player, then the top lane is the best idea to go for. The fact that League of Legends is a free-to-play game means that anyone with a decent PC can hop right in and play is one of the key reasons for its massive player base. It is called MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). The visuals and audios in the game make it a more specific and indulging fun game.


Did someone mention the best informative game? Yes, we heard right! That is the place of Minecraft. Minecraft, famous among individuals and children, has become an essential informative gaming app. Project management, programming, teamwork and problem solving are its key features. The children can enhance their educational and thinking abilities and skills through it. So if it provides the acknowledgement to the brain cells, then it is the most important and healthiest game one could play.

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