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How Many Watts Does A PS4 Use? All The Interesting Information You Need To Know

The PlayStation 4 is a modern video game console, but it’s also an energy hog. We estimate the annual electricity cost of each model at $10-20 per year. However, you can save up to $100 or even more by unplugging your PS4 when not in use. Follow these steps below to test how much power your PS4 uses and find out if you can save money on electricity bills by unplugging your PS4 overnight.

The PlayStation 4, commonly known as the PS4, is a popular gaming console developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It was first released in 2013 and quickly became one of the most popular gaming consoles on the market. With its sleek design, powerful hardware, and extensive library of games, the PS4 offers an immersive gaming experience like no other.

The console has advanced features, such as the ability to stream gameplay and use voice commands, making it a gaming console and multimedia entertainment system. The PS4 has also become a platform for online gaming, where players can connect with others worldwide and compete in multiplayer games. With its continued popularity, the PS4 remains a top choice for gamers and enthusiasts alike, and it will continue its legacy in the gaming industry for years to come.

What is the annual cost of running a PS4?

There are three different models of the PlayStation 4: the original, known as the “fat” or “Pro” model; an updated version that replaced storage with a 1TB hard drive, also called the “slim” model; and another slim version released in 2016. Assuming you use your PS4 daily for 3 hours per day and carrying electricity costs USD 0.10 per kWh, we estimate that it would cost about $100-$150 per year to run each model.

How to save money on my PS4’s energy bill?

Video game consoles are designed for entertainment and not long-term savings; however, there are still ways you can cut down on your energy bill. If you’re playing every day, the best way to save money is by unplugging your PlayStation when not using it. You can also download the free energy-saving setting “Energy Saving” from 

  • PS4 Pro: Estimated at $22 per year
  • PS4 Slim (500GB): Estimated at $12 per year
  • PS4 Slim (1TB): Estimated at $15 per year In addition to saving money, there are other reasons you might want to turn off your PS4 overnight. Some games boot up slower if they have been inactive for several hours, and certain features like PS Plus cloud storage can also stop working after a period of inactivity. 

Power Consumption of PlayStation 4

Power consumption is an essential factor in modern electronics since it directly affects battery life and electricity costs. To estimate how much a PS4 uses, you can consider several sources of information:

· Plugged-in Power Consumption 

The first calculation shows the total amount of power used while the PlayStation 4 is plugged in. Rated maximum power for all models is 243W (PS4 Pro), 165W (original PS4), and 161W (PS4 Slim). For simplicity’s sake, we will assume that each model uses as much as it can at all times, although this may not be accurate. This results in total power consumption of 607W for the Pro, 448W for the original PS4, and 445W for PS4 Slim.

· AC Adapter Efficiency 

There are a few factors that can affect how much power a PS4 uses while plugged in. The most significant factor is the efficiency of its AC adapter, which is around 75% (or 0.75) according to tests on the Internet. This means that only 20%-30% of energy from plugging in your PlayStation 4 will eventually reach it as usable electrical power. 

· Estimated Losses While Powered Off/Standby 

The following calculation shows how much power is lost when your PlayStation 4 is not plugged in but still turned on or in standby mode (off but still receiving power). Standby mode is the most significant drain on your PS4’s energy, likely due to its WIFI modem, which constantly scans for available networks. 

Does the PS4 use a lot of electricity?

According to Utilita, a PS4 costs 2.41p per hour played but an Xbox One costs 2.22p. This is because when in operation, they use 130 and 120 watts, respectively. Even when not in use, the consoles still cost 0.18p per hour since they utilize 10 watts while on standby.

How to measure power consumption?

If you want to measure your PlayStation 4’s power consumption for yourself, you can use a tool such as the Kill A Watt. You will need to place it between your PlayStation and its AC adapter. Alternatively, if you’re good with electronics and feel like taking apart your PS4 (which we do not recommend), then go ahead and check out our article on how much electricity does a PS4 uses.

Based on these calculations, we estimate that the annual power cost of running the PlayStation 4 Pro is around $22 per year, $12 per year for the original PS4, and $15 per year for the Slim model:

Power Cost of Each Model at $10/kWh 

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The above numbers are based on average US electricity prices of $0.12/kWh. If you pay $0.10/kWh, then the numbers would be slightly lower:

Note that this is just for one console and does not include your home entertainment system as a whole, such as a cost of running your TV and any other devices plugged into it. It also doesn’t contain any electricity used by you or other family members, only the portion used by your PlayStation 4 specifically.

Your actual results will vary depending on how much you use your PS4 and what kind of hardware and software setup you have in place. Also, keep in mind that electricity prices may rise over time, so that these estimates may become outdated at some point down the road! 

Tips For Saving Electricity on the PS4

  • Please turn off the PlayStation 4 when you aren’t using it! Your PS4 can save a lot of energy if it’s not in use. Just press the button on the front to turn it off, or hold down the power button to shut it down entirely instead of just putting it into standby mode. The power indicator light will still be on, but your PS4 will stop consuming electricity until you decide to turn it back on again. 
  • Put your PS4 into low power mode through settings! This is a great way to reduce energy consumption while keeping many of its functions intact (like notifications). You can even set up automatic activation and deactivation for an added level of efficiency. 
  • Remove external hard drives from your PS4! Hard drives consume a lot of power when in use, but they can be safely removed from your PS4 at any time unless the system is in standby mode. They will not be damaged by being plugged in for an extended period. 
  • Don’t let your PlayStation 4 overheat! This can damage it and may reduce its overall lifespan if this becomes a habit. A small fan might help with cooling since stock fans aren’t very good at their job. There are even exceptional cases that have built-in fans to keep your console cool during longer gaming sessions. It’s also a good idea to keep pets away from your console so they don’t accidentally knock your PS4 onto the floor or something else that could cause it to malfunction. 
  • Use your PS4 less! If you don’t have a use for it, then why keep it on? Of course, this isn’t always possible, but some games can only be played on the PlayStation 4 that many people might not want to play anyway, so why waste electricity playing them? Consider using older consoles or other gaming platforms if they are still available to you instead of Sony’s latest one if you’re not interested in playing new titles.

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What are ps4 watts?

Play station 4 Watts, also known as PS 4 Electricity Usage, is the electric power consumed by the PlayStation system. A watt is a measurement of power or the rate at which energy is used. 

How much does ps4 cost electricity?

If you leave your PS4 on for an hour, it uses approximately 0.08 Kilowatt-hours of electricity, costing roughly $0.005. A new Play station costs about $300 – 500 recent, depending on the model and sales that are going on at the time! That being said, you can expect to pay around $20 per year to use the system, usually with no special features turned on. Unique features like low power mode can significantly reduce this cost depending on how often you use them.

How much does a watt cost?

The average price for a KWh is around 10 cents. You can check out types of electricity rates here to see what your area charges per kWh. Keep in mind that it will usually be at least 10 cents, even if your city/state has special deals with the electric company! 

How many watts do TVs use?

This depends on the size and type of TV you have. For example, an LED 1080p HDTV uses 20 – 200 watts, whereas plasma screens use more than 400 – 600 watts. Of course, some more powerful models use even more electricity. If you have a TV made before 2006, expect to operate closer to 200 watts every hour.

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