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Gacha Life, a role-playing game for kids, was created and published by Lunime Inc. This dress-up game was launched for Android, iOS, and Samsung in October 2018. You can make anime-style characters and personalize them to make them stand out. This game is very popular with kids, especially among girls. This Gacha Life review will examine the game’s features and determine if it is safe for children.

What Are Kids Doing With Gacha Life?

Gacha Life’s children are passionate about this game because of all the great things they have to do. The game allows them to interact with other players, which is why they love it. Apart from its features, this game is also available in the modified version known as Gacha Neon apk which you can download for free from any web browser. Gacha Life reviewed the game’s features.

It Allows Players to Create Characters

Gacha Life children can create their characters by using the eight character slots on the home screen. Each slot can be filled with pre-made characters or they can make changes to fit their needs. If you need more characters, there are additional slots. It is important to remember that these characters only appear in the Studio Mode and Skit Maker. After you have made all visual changes, you will need to give a name and other information to your characters.

Studio Mode

Studio mode allows you to use up to 8 characters, and create scenes that can be shared with other users. You can create a group photo with all of the characters. Gacha Life also revealed that players can create scenes where all characters interact. The player can drag a character to a specific picture by tapping on it.

Gacha Life children can use Studio Mode to edit chat bubbles and add props. They can also place characters on the screen and insert background images. If you need to make any changes, you can save and reload scenes.

Skit Maker

Skit Maker allows users to create stories with different characters. Skit Maker allows you to create up to 100 scenes. However, there are only two characters available. Before creating a scene, players must choose the positions of the characters. The screen will then allow them to choose a character from either the right or left side.

Players can create speech bubbles by using the white boxes at the center. If you wish to change the background or facial expressions of the characters, you can choose the one on the right. You can view the finished skits by pressing the Test Skit button. You can save your skit and watch it unfold if you are satisfied with what you see.


Gacha Life offers eight mini-games: Duck & Dodge; Ichi’s Math; Narwhal Sky; Orca Sploosh; Picc Packet Rhythm and Abushu Candy Toss. As a reward, players who score high will get gems.

Chat feature

Chat features enable players to communicate with other Gacha Life kids. To unlock this feature, however, you must be at least level 10. You can share scenes, characters, and skits you create with like-minded players once you reach level 10. You can increase your level by playing in Live mode. This will allow you to build a strong relationship with other characters.

Is Gacha Life for kids?

Many parents are wondering if Gacha Life can be used by their children. Gacha Life is not safe to be played with by children. Online predators are lurking in Gacha Life, which is a social game designed for children. For verification purposes, some ask Gacha life children – particularly girls – to send topless photographs of themselves to Gacha Life if they wish to join a group. Online safety education for kids is just like other apps.

Parents should also be concerned about certain features, like adult content or filthy words. Parents should limit screen time, as it is harmful to children.

If you are wondering if Gacha Life is safe for children, or should you not allow your kids to use it, then this article will answer that question. It’s not safe if it isn’t monitored by parents. Gacha Life is loved by children, but the game contains inappropriate content that makes it unsuitable for them.

What can Parents do to Protect their Children from Possible Danger?

There are several things you can do to ensure your children are safe online.

Place Their Mobile Device in an Open Place

Children should not use the internet or play games without parental supervision. There are many dangers and risks associated with the internet, including sexual predators. Make sure your child is not using the internet in an area that isn’t closed off so you can see what they are doing. Your children should be taught that strangers are not allowed to talk to them. You should also make sure you check your children’s browsing history and email to see what they are up to when surfing the internet. Parents can allow the children to play the gacha club on pc as the screen size is quite bigger and monitoring the kids would become easier. 

Establish Family Rules

When creating family rules, there are many factors you should consider. These factors include maturity, age, character, and needs as well as development. Children learn what is acceptable behavior by having family rules. Make rules that allow your children to responsibly use their mobile devices. These rules can be used to define what your children use mobile devices for, how they are used, and where they can be used. This will help ensure your children don’t become addicted to their phones.

Create Accountability

Trust and friendship are built by having a sense that you can hold your children accountable. Children need to know that you will always monitor what they do on their devices. Children communicate so much more online than they do when they speak to someone face-to-face. It is important to monitor what your children are doing online. They shouldn’t be allowed to use their mobile devices on their own, as they might not be able to handle the internet threat.

If your child is deleting their history, this should be a sign that things are not right and that they might be doing something to cause them harm. You can request your internet service provider (ISP), to send you reports in this instance. Take a look at the messages and emails your children receive and then send them. It doesn’t have to be something you keep secret. When it comes to the internet, kids should know that accountability is key.

Teach Your Children to Turn Off Their Phone’s GPS

Geotagging is a feature that many devices have. This makes it easy for anyone with malicious intent to find their location and whereabouts. To ensure safety, teach your children how to disable this feature. Digital photos can also contain metadata. This includes information such as the date, GPS coordinates, and time. To ensure their privacy, turn off the geotagging feature before you share photos on social media.

Be tech-savvy

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Parents need to be able to provide the skills and knowledge that will allow them to ensure their children are safe online. You can teach your children how to use the different apps and platforms that they like. This will enable you to identify inappropriate sites and apps and then take appropriate action.

Use FamiSafe to Keep an Eye on Your Kids’ Online Activity

FamiSafe, a mobile app that allows parents to monitor what their children do online, is called FamiSafe. It has a web filtering function that detects when your children access explicit content. The app will notify you and let you know if you need to take immediate action. This app will allow you to block malicious websites to make sure your child isn’t visiting sites that have videos or pictures.

  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker
  • Web Filtering
  • Screen Time Control
  • Smart Control Setting

You can also use the app blocker to stop any app you consider harmful. FamiSafe will alert you if your child installs an application on their device without permission.

Screen time can lead to obesity and major depressive disorder. To ensure your child uses their device only when you feel it is appropriate, you can use the Screen Time Limiting feature for kids.

This Gacha Life review concludes that this game can have negative effects on children

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