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A Comprehensive Guide About How Long Do Routers Last?

How long do routers usually last?

WIFI routers can be one of the most annoying devices in your home because they break down often. This is because the router is constantly working, and over time it will suffer wear and tear like any other device you use regularly. A WIFI router being used for 4 hours per day has an average lifespan of 12-18 months before replacing it. 

It all depends on how much you use your WIFI router, where you place it in your house if there are obstructions that cause interference, the amount of dust that builds up over time inside the machine. Your internet provider may also offer a service to help extend its life by providing software updates. However, this isn’t guaranteed; don’t count on this too much.

Routers are essential for connecting to the internet and creating wireless networks in homes and offices. Like all electronic devices, routers have a limited lifespan and eventually need to be replaced. The lifespan of a router can vary depending on several factors, including the quality of the device, frequency, and the environment in which it is used. Generally, most routers will last between three to five years before needing to be replaced. However, this timeline can be extended with proper maintenance and regular firmware updates.

What is the life span of a router?

Routers can last a long time when they are in good condition and well taken care of, but in the end, most routers don’t make it past three years. WIFI routers have a pretty long lifespan compared to other electronic devices such as televisions which only average about five years before needing to be replaced with a new one. 

In addition, how often you use the Internet will also affect your router’s life span. If you spend most of your day online, then the chances are that you won’t get very much out of a wireless router over ten years old unless it has been well taken care of. But if you never use the Internet at home, then a ten-year-old router would probably still keep on going strong without any problems whatsoever.

How to prolong the life of a router?

There are few things you can do to make your WIFI router last as long as possible: 

  • Clean it regularly: You should clean out all the dust that builds up inside your WIFI router at least once per month with compressed air. This will prevent dust from building up and creating an electrical hazard by causing corrosion or creating sparks that could damage your motherboard. Keep in mind that routers have cooling fans, so be careful not to spray too much-compressed air. This might cause damage to those cooling fans.
  • Avoid using your microwave: Your microwave oven can cause interference with wireless routers, causing connection issues and dropouts. When possible, you should avoid placing the WIFI router on top of or too close to (within 1 foot) your microwave oven. If that’s not possible, try temporarily moving it somewhere else until you’ve fixed the microwave problem.
  • Keep it away from other electrical devices: Keep your WIFI router at least one room away from cordless phones, hairdryers, electric razors (which are infamous for causing interference), laptops, PC towers speakers, cellphones, coffeemakers, etc. This will ensure there is no unnecessary noise interfering with the signal of your wireless network.
  • Don’t set it on the floor or any other place where moving objects can bump into it: You should always try to keep your WIFI router at a high-up location so that people won’t accidentally kick it over which could cause damage. Also, if someone were to trip over your cord leading up to your router, they might pull out the plug, causing injuries or even electrocution.

What are the common causes of damage?

Several things can go wrong with a wireless network router, including overheating problems caused by too much dust buildup inside the machine, electrical shorts caused by water spills/condensation, which lead to corroding circuit boards, and failing power supplies. When these parts fail, you will likely need to purchase a whole new wireless router because these parts are not repairable.

What’s the average cost to replace a damaged wireless router?

It can range from $60-100 for just replacing the power supply and motherboard to $200+ for a brand new replacement router depending on what type of internet connection you have (cable modem, DSL, fiber optic, etc.) and if you use any special security features such as MAC filtering or WPA2 which require extra hardware.

How do you set up your WIFI password. If your WIFI router needs one or more of its cooling fans replaced, it would probably be best to purchase a new model because these aren’t very expensive and can cost up to 350 dollars when technicians have to come out and change them for you.

What are the benefits of replacing the wireless router?

If there’s no way to repair your wireless router, you will probably need to replace it. But the fact is that today’s wireless routers are much faster and more powerful than models made in previous years, even though they cost less. So if you want to take advantage of the latest technology in this area, you should consider replacing your current router with something new.

How long do repairs usually take?

The length of time it takes to repair depends on many factors, including what part is broken or needs replacement, whether parts must be ordered (it can be pretty expensive), and how many technicians are required. If no details need to be collected, the repair should only take a few hours.

Repair service providers generally charge more on weekends because they have higher overhead from their offices being open longer hours, so if you intend on using a repair service over the weekend, you may want to consider calling beforehand and seeing if there’s any way for them to speed up the process (i.e., quick shipment of necessary parts).

Also, if your router is manufactured by a company that has branch stores in your local area, then you can probably save some money by having them replace it instead of seeking out third-party help. But make sure you ask about warranty issues with the manufacturer first before doing this.


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There is no way to accurately predict the precise cost of repairing or replacing your wireless router until you start calling around for quotes. However, based on empirical evidence, it’s best to expect replacement costs to run you anywhere from $100-300+ depending on who does the work. 


It is highly recommended that you have your router repaired by a professional if possible. But before doing so, it’s always best to first call the company who made your wireless router and see what they are willing to do for you in terms of warranty or repair fees.

If they refuse to cover any costs, call local technicians until you find someone who can help you out with repairs or replacement. Lastly, if all else fails, purchase a new router at your local electronics store since this will be your last resort anyway.

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How do I choose a good wireless router?

Before buying a wireless router, it’s best to research the features you want and need. For example, if you have home computers and mobile devices such as phones and laptops that connect to the Internet, then there are certain types of routers that work better with these types of connections than others.
You should also be aware of how many users your network supports at one time and what level of security is required (i.e., MAC filtering). And above all else, don’t forget about physical size! Some models require more space due to large antennas or other protruding parts.

How long does a wireless router battery last?

This will depend on several factors, including: 
How much data is being sent and received as well as the strength of the signal from your ISP. 
In terms of actual mileage, wireless router batteries last anywhere from a few days to an entire month, depending on how much they are used.
Lastly, if your batteries are dying quicker than this period, or you notice they don’t last as long as they used to, then it is likely time to replace them. Use a voltmeter with a fresh set of batteries to make sure the voltage is still correct.

What caused the wireless router not to work?

Wireless routers don’t work when: 
They aren’t connected to a broadband or other Internet connection. 
Their batteries are low and need to be replaced. 
Their physical casing is damaged (the plastic can break and crack). 
The data ports on the back of the device have been broken off. 
The antennae are not working correctly.
Something inside has failed, such as a circuit board, power supply, or memory chip.

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