The Step-By-Step Guide About How To Use A Cartography Table In Minecraft?

What is a cartography table in Minecraft?

A Cartography Table allows you to change the blocks on one face of an adjacent block into any other type (e.g., obsidian into stone or any other block of your choice).

The Cartography Table in Minecraft is useful for avid explorers and builders alike. Players can create maps of their world with this table and mark specific locations such as villages, biomes, and structures. The table allows players to expand their maps to show a larger area and zoom in on particular regions. Additionally, the Cartography Table can clone and resize existing maps, making it easier to share and navigate vast territories. Whether you’re a seasoned Minecraft player or a newcomer, the Cartography Table is an essential tool for anyone looking to navigate their world with ease and precision.

How to use a cartography table in Minecraft?

It doesn’t have any GUI, so you can’t click on it to change block steps.

Step 1: Choose a place for your map’s center. Choose a spot for your map’s heart. 

Step 2: Decide which decorations will cover the top face. Once you are happy with the table’s location, use either facing or F3+C to find out its coordinates (use /tp command if u don’t know how to do that). 

Step 3: Find out how many blocks high your map will be. When you use /block data command followed by number 0 and then type in the number of blocks that your map will be, you can see all the possible locations where it is safe to put a Redstone torch.

Step 4: Find two points next to each other with these cords. You can then use /set block command along with the redstone_torch argument to fill in the spaces. 

Step 5: Place two more torches on top of where you placed the first two. After putting these four torches, you should see this if you look up. The spots marked with light blue are where I recommend placing bookshelves. Don’t forget to leave one block for stairs under them! 

Step 6: Decorate the outside. Then, place all decoration blocks that you want on the outside of your map. If you want to place decoration blocks of another type, use following command: /setblock <location> <redstone_torch> <decoration block>

Use the “down” argument to get under it. 

Step 7: Place bookshelves Place your bookshelves around the table, with one block between each book Shelf 1 Shelf 2 I just used stone slabs instead of stairs on purpose to make my map taller and look like an actual library! It is up to you whether or not you will do that. You can even add more shelves if needed. Once again, use /setblock command along with redstone_torch argument to fill in the spaces. 

Step 8: Add a lamp on top. You might also want to add a light on top so that mobs won’t spawn.

Step 9: Fill in some water around your map. To make it look nice, you should add some water around the map. Now that’s done! Here is how mine turned out. It took me about 30 minutes from start to finish! I recommend checking out this post, which tells you exactly what blocks are needed for each section of your library-themed build and where you can find them. 

Steps to make Minecraft cartography tables

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  1. To craft a cartography table, you first need to open your crafting menu in Minecraft.1. Go to your crafting table.
  2. Click on the 3×3 crafting area (the nine boxes that require materials for you to craft an item).
  3. You will now be able to see all of the possible crafting options available to you with the materials you have in your inventory.
  4. Click on the Columns button twice so that it is highlighted blue.
  5. Next, click on the 9th option down, which resembles a circle with an arrow pointing upwards out of it followed by another arrow at a 90-degree angle from this one pointing downwards.
  6. This should bring up another menu but with only one option, Chest: Cartography Table. Click this, and your cartography table will begin being crafted!
  7. When it is finished, you can right-click on the table to use it.
  8. First, select one block face in the left column and select one in the right column to replace your first selection. For example, if you want obsidian changed to stone, place the pointer over obsidian in the left column and then over a stone in the middle column before clicking, which will replace them both with sandstone (a type of stone). You can undo this by placing your pointer back onto your original selection in that same position before clicking again.
  9. Place Your Map Inside One Of The Nine Slots Of The Cartography Table ( You Can Only Do This If You Have Completed The Game).
  10. Okay! that’s where it starts getting good. To make your map, you will need paper! Paper can be made by surrounding a cactus block with eight pieces of string OR combining two pieces of coal.
  11. Once you have paper, right-click on the Cartography Table to open its interface again. Now find the slot which is currently empty and place your map inside it. Make sure that one side of the map’s design outlines touches the anvil on the table, or it won’t work!
  12. Once this has been done, right-click on any part of the table and wait for around 60 seconds. This may seem like a long time, but once these 60 seconds are up,! You now have yourself a brand new map!
  13. All you need to do now is right-click on the map with an empty hand, and it will pop out of the table!
  14. You can now fully use this brand new map in Minecraft, which can then be strengthened by having it placed into a frame!


Yes, all of you who want to make a cartography table in Minecraft need to know how to use a crafting table, and for this article. Please read the instructions above carefully and follow them step by step to read how to make a cartography table.

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Does the old cartography table work if it is placed in your inventory?

Yes, it does! But you can’t place on click; you need to right-click, make a selection and wait around 60 seconds.

What do you find behind obsidian walls?

There are some items like diamonds, bread, or wood planks. And some mobs, maybe zombies or spiders. It’s different for each map! But remember, not all maps have something interesting.

Do I need a new cartography table when updating to the snapshot version?

No, it won’t be matter because the old cartography table still works with the latest versions of Minecraft. 

How long can I use my map after making it?

Your map will remain in one piece no matter how long you use it, strengthening this by placing it into a frame.

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