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Hong Kong’s Professional Employer Organization

There are many business opportunities in Hong Kong, which is located in the core of the Asia-Pacific area and has a highly developed international trade industry. Although breaking into this sector might yield large profits, the process can be costly and time-consuming. Your start in Hong Kong will be seamless, quick, and legal with our PEO services.

Financial services and tourism are two developing sectors that primarily rely on the services sector for their growth in Hong Kong. Due to the presence of numerous cutting-edge international companies engaged in eCommerce, FinTech, and software development there, Hong Kong has evolved into a hub for start-ups and multinational organizations.

Hong Kong is a desired country that could provide your company Due to its highly developed free-market economy and standing for having low tax rates, it has many opportunities to prosper.

What is the role of a PEO  Hong Kong?

A PEO can help you start growing internationally. Working with a PEO in Hong Kong allows you to launch your firm quickly without having to set up a formal business entity with all the necessary tax registrations and time-consuming paperwork.

At Bradford Jacobs, we made it our mission to become experts in Hong Kong payroll, taxes, labor regulations, and other local legislation. Using our tools will make it simple and affordable for you to start expanding internationally.

We can provide specialist support for payroll, tax, human resources, and compliance issues as your operations expand and your personnel is increased.

You If you’re ready to start your global success with us, you might swiftly hire new international talent for your company. Our connections and network allow us to uncover talent that meets your requirements and tastes on all levels. Instead of waiting months for your company to set up shop in Hong Kong, your new employee may assist your business there in days.

However, we are mainly concerned with ensuring that your company complies with all laws and rules because breaching them might have serious consequences. One of our agencies in Hong Kong has hired your selected candidate, who remains under your daily control.

What a Global PEO does

We understand that your business is distinctive and unlike any other. approaches that Your business strategy, objectives, and aspirations must be supported internationally. Therefore, our PEO services offer a consultative approach and a tailored solution because we are aware that no two firms are the same.

PEOs and Employer of Record (EOR) corporations work together. This company might hire members of your new crew. You can manage employees locally with the aid of our EOR companies in Hong Kong without worrying about HR services, taxes, payroll, hiring, firing, or responding to changing regional regulations and employment standards.

The EOR will take full responsibility for these duties.

When you hire us as a PEO, we reach an understanding and draft a contract that is binding between you and Bradford Jacobs. In addition, we come to terms with your new employee in Hong Kong and have them sign a contract of employment.

You will be in complete control of the daily operations and tasks of your new employees. Although we act as your employee’s legal employer, your employee is an employee of your business and a part of your team.

You want to recruit new talent in Hong Kong or send a current employee on assignment there.

Bradford Jacobs, operating through our Hong Kong entity, selects the candidate and takes over as their EOR. We make sure that all employment contracts, payroll, HR policies, tax regulations, and any required visas or work permits are followed.

Your company may immediately establish itself in a new market on a global scale and in a cost-effective manner without the risks, difficulties, or fees associated with creating your own subsidiary position of privilege.

You will have daily control over the employee while we manage the paperwork associated with their registration for employment. Our counselors inform your employee on their rights, perks, and holiday regulations.

All completed timesheets and signed declarations are sent to us by the employee. We will send you an invoice, deduct any authority contributions, and then transfer the leftover cash to the employee’s account after payment has been received.

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