Leading the IDC MarketSpace, securing its fourth position, and an award-winning cloud-based unified management, Hexnode UEM has been pacing toward ultimate success in full swing. Keeping their users satisfied with their services, Hexnode has made remarkable changes within a decade of working in the field of technology. Expanding their services in terms of corporate needs particularly has made them the shining star. Competing with the most qualified and top-class high-tech companies, Hexnode has given promising results to enterprises that have been a part of it for a long time. Their unique proposal includes a free trial of their services for 14 days. 

Remarkable Features:

Hexnode UEM solutions have some outstanding features for your devices. These features include:

Operating System:

Their operating system retains multi-system support. Particularly, the Android and Apple support. 


The UEM Solutions by Hexnode provide application management which centrally manages and configures applications on employees’ mobile devices.

Along with the management, it provides an application confederation that separates work apps and data from personal apps. 

It provides users with a whitelist and blacklist feature. The whitelist policy implements effortlessly and securely deploy recommended or assigned applications. The blacklist policy is to block suspicious applications.

Hexnode features also provide device Enrollment and device configuration features. The device enrollment registers employees-owned or company-distributed devices for IT access. The device configuration seamlessly works with business-required applications like WiFi, VPN, etc

 It offers visibility into employee mobile device activity busing the usage information form


The Remote Wipe feature enables the remote locking down and encryption of employee mobile devices.

Hexnode features protect employees, companies, and data from potential vulnerabilities or malware. 

One of the services of Hexnode is to create custom reports and alerts about existing software licenses and security updates. 

Provides Endpoint protection to the employee and company’s devices. 

Platform- Mobile Device Management

The regulation complaint feature guarantees that employees’ mobile devices are compliant with business restrictions and requirements.  


Hexnode provides unified endpoint management of employee devices

It helps organizations to ascertain, implement, and adhere to ITIL regulations.

Hexnode features help to keep records of each network purchase and its activity. It helps to discover new assets to access the network. 

Monitoring and Management:

Hexnode features to monitor IT assets activity remotely from an administrator site. 

It keeps track of IT assets and financial data. Hexnode UEM also releases requisitions for access on desktop or mobile devices. Most importantly it automates the updating of security measures on enterprise devices. 

Assistance Management:

Hexnode provides tools that help to create and manage a ticketing platform to promote cross-departmental contact. 

It controls admission to legacy applications, web-based applications, and network resources while employees are away from the local area network. 

Utilization of data to proactively recognize and prioritize IT issues.  


During the recent 3rd global user conference by hexanoate the CEO and founder of Hexnode Apu Pavithran reveals that the company is planning to launch its suite of enterprise applications and application management collection. He further disclosed that Hexnode is on verge of releasing its SaaSOps management platform, Hexnode Do.

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