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Resumes, Business Cards, Side Gigs: Tips for Transitioning From Recovery to a New Career

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You’ve made monumental steps in your journey of recovery. Now, you only need to find employment where you can have some stability and stay on your feet. The average search takes about two months, so use these tips shared by TechZena to cover your bills until you land a job.

Clean Up Your Social Media

Employers examine social media profiles like a “second resume” to better understand job candidates. One survey found that 45% of employers reject applicants because of social network content. If your socials display many questionable or unsavory activities from your past, hiring managers will be less likely to believe that you’ve left that life behind.

Make sure your accounts highlight your best qualities and frame you as an ideal applicant by deleting inappropriate or incendiary posts. Showing dignified support for sympathetic causes is acceptable, but political flame wars are not. Deactivate old accounts, and make recreational profiles private. Ensure your photo is up-to-date and family-friendly.

Craft a Resume That Gets Attention

Your resume is your time to shine but don’t bore hiring managers with superfluous details. Keep the document short (two pages or three at most) and focus on concrete results you’ve accomplished. Never spam companies by applying for every open position to gain attention. A personalized cover letter emailed to the responsible individual makes a better impression.

Companies must sift through dozens or hundreds of applications and may not spend more than a minute scanning each one. Recruiters and corporations often use applicant tracking systems to filter down to preferred candidates, so beat the bots by designing your resume to pass automated systems and reach a human being. Prime suggestions include clearly stating the position you’re applying for, using a readable layout, and carefully proofreading.

Put Together a Great-Looking Business Card

Business cards can be an essential tool when embarking on a new career. They serve as a quick and easy way to exchange contact information with potential colleagues or clients, leaving a lasting impression long after a conversation has ended. With the rise of technology, creating business cards has become more convenient than ever before. Thanks to online business card creators, it’s now possible to design free business cards quickly and easily. Best of all, many of these services are free, making it easy for anyone to create the perfect business card to help launch their career.

Start a Gig From Your Existing Skill Set

While waiting on job offers, begin a side hustle to generate income. Strategically outline your budget, financial forecasts, and funding needs in a business plan. Detail your company structure and how you’ll sell your products or services. A well-thought-out proposal significantly increases your odds of success. A few ways you could start to make money include:

  • House Sitting
  • Voiceover work
  • Teaching music or singing lessons
  • Home and auto repair service
  • Selling original items online
  • Reselling used items
  • Tutoring students
  • Accounting

Form an LLC for Your Side Business

LLCs help separate your personal assets from those of your business, providing protection if a client or customer decides to take legal action against you. They also provide the potential for tax savings, allowing you to write off some expenses related to your side gig. Operating an LLC also adds a layer of credibility with clients and customers as they will be dealing with a professional business entity instead of an individual. Forming an LLC might seem daunting, but fortunately, there are formation services available online to help you file an LLC.

Stay Focused on Recovery

Rejection and setbacks add pressure and can lead to relapse, so set small goals that you can count as wins to keep you on track. Start by setting a date for creating a resume and cover letter template that you can adapt for each application. Then determine to submit at least two to three applications a day. Remember, it takes time to find the correct position, so avoid discouragement.

Stay connected to support groups and loved ones who understand your journey and goals. Take at least one evening every week to unwind from your business and the job search. Spend 10 minutes daily in silent gratitude to appreciate how far you’ve made it and what you can still achieve.

Your path won’t be easy, but the resources are there for you to get back into the workforce. Clean up your social media, write a resume, find a side gig, and consider registering as an LLC. Persist in your search, and you will succeed!  

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