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What Is Quietest Mechanical Switches? How To Choose Them? And Top 4 Best Quietest Mechanical Keyboard Switches

Quietest mechanical keyboard switches

Mechanical keyboard switches are usually louder than most rubber dome keyboards due to their metal spring. Some types are noisier than others, but which ones are the quietest? I took a poll with some known switch types that can all be purchased in your standard retail/e-tail stores for comparison. The switches were purchased from their respective companies or retailers, with exceptions for Gateron. 

Materials to make up quietest mechanical keyboard switches

  • ABS: Standard lower-cost plastic with good impact strength, low cost, and fair stiffness; not as strong as other plastics like PC, PBT, or POM; can be injection molded or blow-molded.
  • POM: Acetal Homopolymer is used in many engineering applications due to its high stiffness, heat resistance, and fatigue resistance. It has an excellent surface finish which makes it resistant to dirt and staining and is a perfect choice for componentry.
  • PBT: Polybutylene Terephthalate resin has a high modulus of elasticity, hardness, chemical resistance, impact strength, and abrasion resistance. It also has flame retardant properties.
  • PC: Polycarbonate is a thermoplastic that exhibits high tensile strength and resilience even at low temperatures/low viscosities. It also has a pretty good moisture barrier which makes it suitable for outdoor signs.
  • Gateron: Gateron switches use polymers with various types of backlighting colors, blue, green, yellow, orange, but do not have the same transparent housing as Cherry MX switches do, so I am unable to discern what materials are used here. I assume they would be similar to what Cherry uses (PBT and PC).

How to choose a quietest mechanical keyboard switch? What to consider?

Whether you are looking for a mechanical keyboard for typing codes, emails, or gaming, the following are vital factors that you need to consider the following factors.

· Price 

Consider the price of the mechanical keyboard. This is probably one of the main factors determining your choice as they come at different prices depending on their quality and features.

· Dampening o rings 

If you work in a noisy environment, dampening O-rings can be very useful for noise reduction, so your colleagues won’t find you annoying every time you click a button or press a keystroke. They are meant to reduce noise by absorbing vibration after being inserted between keys and switches.

· Backlighting

How do you feel about having some light under your keys? If yes, then make sure to check out products with LED lights to make them easier to identify.

· Durability 

How durable is the mechanical keyboard? Is it made of high-quality material that will not easily break with regular use? If you are looking for something to last for years, look for these features.

· Compatibility  

One of the main things to consider when buying a mechanical keyboard is checking whether or not it’s compatible with your device. The connection should be either PS2 or USB to match your needs and preferences. Most importantly, never forget to check if any special drivers are needed to connect the device properly before ordering online.

Importance of Quietest mechanical keyboard switches

A mechanical keyboard is a switch type instrument, and it has different types of switches ( be it red, brown, black, blue, or green ) depending on the application you are using it for like if you are gaming, then “red,” typing, “brown,” etc. These switches make noise when pressed down. Hence they make no difference in terms of sound levels when used by young people who press buttons continuously to get their work done fast with the least amount of time possible.

But for professional workers like reporters, typists, writers, etc., having keyboards that emit less sound is quite interesting, especially when they need to type fast; otherwise, they would end up making many errors during their reports or articles because most times information requires verification so working in very silent places would be great.

Some people get disturbed when they hear even the slightest sound. That is why having a mechanical keyboard without noise would be very helpful, especially for writers and reporters who operate in very silent places. It will also help them focus on whatever they do rather than getting distracted by surrounding sounds, which could make errors.

Top 4 best quietest mechanical keyboard switches

1. Razor Black widow Chroma V2

Razor is a company that has specialized in making gaming products for both home and public use, so it’s no surprise their quietest mechanical keyboard switches are of high quality.

The model uses the world-renowned ultra-rare Green button, which is very similar to Cherry MX Blue, and this means it offers tactile feedback on every press. Besides offering silent use, these switches are highly durable, with 80 million key presses per key, giving users total control when playing games or typing reports or articles. 

The good thing about them is that they have many different color options meaning you can design your own using Razer Synapse software; after doing some research, I found out that most colors are customizable on the whole keyboard while some are only on the backlight. 

2. Razor Ornate Chroma V2

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This model has a unique feature called Mecha-membrane, a combination of mechanical and membrane keyboards. It uses the world-renowned Razer Green switches, which offer you that same tactile feedback as Cherry MX Blue switches, just like the Blackwidow Chroma V2.

Still, they do not produce any sound when pressed, and this means you can now write your reports or articles in very silent places without disturbing those around you; for instance, in libraries and theaters, these quietest mechanical keyboard switches by Razer are also highly durable with up to 80 million key presses per key. 

3. Logitech G610 Orion Red

This device comes with a one 4 PgUp, one PgDn, Windows key, and 4 Shift keys. It is straightforward to set up without depending on any software, plug it in and start using it; the only downside to this device is that it is not compatible with Mac, but if you can ignore that fact, then it’s a good deal.

4. Corsair K70 LUX RGB

Corsair’s quietest mechanical keyboard switch offers several color options, which means every key on the keyboard is customizable, meaning you can choose your preferred colors for every key and design your light patterns. 

Besides being very durable with up to 100 million critical presses per switch, they also have pretty good tactile feedback, making them ideal for typing reports or articles fast without errors because of their low noise and high performance. 

Mechanical switches are used in many electronic devices, particularly in mechanical keyboards. These switches use physical contact between metal components to create a tactile response and register keystrokes, providing a satisfying typing experience. Unlike membrane switches, which use a rubber dome to register keystrokes, mechanical switches have unique switch mechanisms for each key, allowing for more precise and accurate typing.

Mechanical switches offer a longer lifespan than membrane switches, as they can handle more keystrokes before wearing out. There are many mechanical switches available, each with its unique characteristics, such as the clicky sound of Cherry MX Blue switches or the quiet operation of Cherry MX Brown switches. The popularity of mechanical switches in keyboards has led to a growing market for customization, with enthusiasts seeking to customize the feel and sound of their keyboards by swapping out switches.

Which switch color is the quietest?

Cherry MX switches in either red or brown: These Cherry switches are the quietest ones on the market and feature the least actuation force. The Brown switch adds additional feedback by physically alerting you when a keystroke has been captured. Many people choose Brown mechanical switches for typing.

Apart from this if you are interested to know more about Best Quietest Mechanical Keyboard Switches then visit our Pc builds category.


What are mechanical keyboard switches?

Mechanical keyboard switches, as their name implies, are those which make use of some particular mechanism to register a key press and send it down the wire to your device; unlike membrane keyboards, they don’t use rubber domes like membrane keyboards. Instead, these quietest mechanical keyboards use actual physical switches for this purpose and come in several different varieties. 

Which is the most silent of all quietest mechanical keyboard switches?

This depends on what kind of switch you use; if you go for red or black buttons, it is pretty much silent, but if you decide to go for blue or brown ones, then there will be a certain amount of sound. But most people find Razor Green quietest due to its tactile feedback.
Besides being silent mechanical switches are also very durable; you can check the ratings for each model to see how much use they have gone through before breaking down.

What is a ten keyless keyboard?

This device has no numeric pad, so it’s considered smaller than an ordinary full-sized keyboard. Standard full-sized keyboards usually offer more keys like special function keys and extra media control keys, which are not present in tenkey less models meaning that they lack these, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t find any model that offers them; there are some models like Razer Black widow V2 Chroma Stealth Edition which provides all function keys. 

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