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A Detailed Overview About Top 7 Best Small Gaming Keyboards With Their Pros And Cons

Small gaming keyboard

A small gaming keyboard is a type of mechanical keyboard that has compact.

However, they have similar features and quality with a more extensive version of mechanical gaming keyboards. The usual size of a gaming keyboard is full size or ten keyless, while small gaming keyboards often come in TKL format. They are usually several cm smaller than the standard ones. This makes it easier to carry daily without sacrificing functionality too much.

Top 7 best small gaming keyboards

1. ​Custom Quick-fire TK

Best small gaming keyboard for fps games. CM Storm Quick-fire Tk is the best small gaming keyboard proffered by Cooler Master, which offers excellent value at an affordable price. It’s built with Cherry MX blue switches, and steel plate mounted to ensure stability and durability. Its well-spaced keys make it perfect for FPS games like CS: GO or Overwatch, where fast reaction time is crucial.

The TK version includes a ten keyless design to give you extra space on your desktop while retaining the same features as the regular-sized quick-fire rapid keyboards. With N key rollover capability, this keyboard will never let you down in competitive gameplays! 

Pros: 100% anti-ghosting with full Nkey rollover, compatible with all Cherry MX switches, it’s solid and reliable. N key rollover prevents keyboard ghosting comes with lots of functions for gamers like multimedia keys, game mode switch, etc. 

Cons: The blue switches aren’t great for typing or gaming in a dark room. The LED is good, but you can’t change its color, only the brightness. Buy at amazon

2. Corsair K70 RGB Rapidfire 

The best small gaming keyboard under 100 dollars CorsairK70RGBrapid fire is a ten keyless version of the larger sized corsair k70, with full size 104 keys. The smaller size allows it to be carried around more conveniently for mobile games when space comes into play. Yet, it still has all the functions you would expect of a mechanical gaming keyboard, including six keys on the top for media controls and lighting, which is fully customizable.

If you are looking for full-size keyboards but still want some advantage of compact ones, The corsair k70 RGB rapid fire can be your best choice.

Pros: fully programmable RGB Led. Excellent wrist support with anodized aluminum chassis makes this keyboard awesome to game with! It comes with detachable soft-touch wrist rest that provides extra comfort daily. Six dedicated, dynamic multi-colored LED volume display lets you know at a glance how loud you’re going! 

Cons: Slightly expensive than the CM Storm Quickfire TK Buy at amazon.

3. Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro M 

The best small gaming keyboard for typing Coolermaster master keys prom is the answer if you are looking for a small keyboard with a backlit function, plenty of parts, and excellent build quality at an affordable price.

Although it doesn’t have detachable cable like its bigger brother, this product still offers pretty good value for money. It’s built with Cherry MX switches to ensure extreme durability and fast vital presses, making this keyboard perfect for typing or playing games requiring a speedier reaction rate but still maintaining incredible comfort during long period usage. 

Pros: 100% anti-ghosting with full Nkey rollover Better-less design available in 3 different Cherry MX switches Well built quality Great ergonomic design. 

Cons: Some of the keys could be more tactile for a better experience. 

4. Das Keyboard 4 Professional 

Best small gaming keyboard under 60 dollars. Das Keyboard 4 is made by one of the leading brands in mechanical keyboards, although it’s pretty affordable compared to its rivals like corsair k70 or Coolermaster quickfire prom.

Its black design makes this product look elegant while retaining full functionality with Cherry MX blue switches and a USB passthrough port for easy connection to other devices. Its compact size also makes it highly portable for mobile users if you are looking for something better than laptop keys but don’t want to carry around your more giant-sized keyboard. 

Pros: German-engineered quality Aluminum top panel with the most durable key switches available in the market (Cherry MX) RGB LED with 16.8M Colors to express your personality Single USB cable for power and data Fully Programmable keyboard A lot of additional features like media control, sleep mode, etc. 

Cons: A bit expensive than k60 Best small gaming keyboards. 

5. CM Storm Quick-fire TK 

Smallest Best mechanical gaming keyboard under 60 dollars the smallest among all this list is the CM Storm Quickfire TK. This product comes with full-size keys but within a very compact body, making it one of the best choices if you are looking for something extremely portable compared to another more giant-sized keyboard in this list. It’s built with a Cherry MX brown switch that provides excellent feedback and tactile feeling while maintaining a comfortable experience.

The compact design comes with a transportable soft-touch wrist pad that provides extra comfort for typing and gaming daily. The CM Storm Quickfire TK is designed to last; it’s made of a solid steel frame with ABS keycaps for durability. However, this may cause some flexing on the first usage but will be fixed after continuous use.

Pros: Cherry MX Brown switches Compact size Perfect for office use.

Cons: Price Black on the black color scheme can be difficult to view Buy.

6. Corsair STRAFE RGB 

Best red led mechanical keyboard under 100 dollars. Corsair strafe was built by pirates, one of the leading brands in the gaming industry. This product is available in two different styles: a simple all-black version with the red logo or the one I have chosen, the complete RGB backlit edition.

Corsair strafe has the excellent build quality and stunning design with textured keycaps. This keyboard offers 100% anti-ghosting due to its Cherry MX mechanical key switch, which allows up to 10 simultaneous key presses without missed commands. It’s also designed for fast-paced games as it allows fast double click with a dedicated sniper button to change DPI settings within game mode instantly.

Pros: Ultra-durable design Red led full sRGB color support the Nice feel of tactility Perfect backlighting effect.

Cons: No USB passthrough.

7. Logitech G710+  

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Best mini mechanical gaming keyboard under 70 dollars Last but not least, this is my personal favorite. Logitech G710+ comes with Cherry MX brown key switches, which provide excellent tactile feedback and a smooth feeling when pressed.

This keyboard has a dedicated set of macro keys that can be fully programmed through its on-the-fly system to fulfill a different purpose in games. This product also has full fledge media control keys for easy access from the ergonomic design without having to leave the game in the middle of a fight.

Pros: Cherry MX brown switches Great build quality Dedicated macro keys Full fledge media controls highly customizable backlighting effects. 

Cons: No wrist rest only available in one color Buy.

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Small gaming keyboards have become increasingly popular, offering a compact and efficient alternative to traditional full-size keyboards. These keyboards typically feature a minimalist design with fewer keys, making them easier to carry and allowing for more desk space. One of the main benefits of small gaming keyboards is their ergonomic design, which reduces hand fatigue and allows faster and more comfortable typing.

Additionally, many small gaming keyboards feature customizable RGB lighting, programmable macros, and mechanical switches, allowing for a highly personalized gaming experience. Some popular small gaming keyboards include the Ducky One 2 Mini, Anne Pro 2, and the Vortexgear Pok3r. With their sleek design and high-performance capabilities, small gaming keyboards are an excellent choice for gamers who value functionality, style, and portability.


Is It possible to use the mechanical keyboard without gaming?

Of course, you can even if the purpose of buying a mechanical gaming keyboard is to use a specific gaming-related key switch. Most of the brands have provided non-gaming buttons which are just as good in performance and durability at the lower price range.

What is the best mechanical keyboard to use for typing?

Cherry MX brown key switches are recommended for typing purposes, and Cherry MX blue and red can also be used, but you’ll need a little bit of practice before starting with them.

What is the critical switch best to use for typing?

Cherry MX Brown key switches provide tactile feedback and a delicate feeling when pressed without making much noise like other multimedia critical controls, which can be disturbing in an office environment.

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