New Raid loot system in WoW Dragonflight

The developers have published a note that describes the peculiarities of obtaining loot in the first Dragonflight raids, the Warehouse of Incarnations. The authors shared some curious details, in particular noting that in the raid will act group loot, instead of the two will be available for three levels within the same difficulty, in the extraction of the bosses will appear enhanced unique items, and the BoE-items system will be significantly changed:

  • Only group loot with need/need rolls will be in effect in the raid, there will be no personal loot or other forms of distribution. However, some items such as materials for professions will still be subject to personal loot.
  • In a raid, players will be able to freely exchange loot without any restrictions, including the level of items.
  • There will now be three tier levels within one difficulty level. Using the normal Incarnation Vault mode as an example: 389 (Eranog , Terros, Sennart, Council of Elements), 395 (Daphia, Kurog), and 398 (Denna , Rashaget). The difference between the base levels of the different modes is still 13 levels, so the difference between mining the last bosses of one mode and the starting bosses of the other will be equal to 4 levels (for example, for normal and heroic: 398 and 402). This will make the process of mastering the raid and progressing through the bosses smoother, and players will be less stuck on difficult battles.
  • Some bosses will each contain one unique item, which is always 6-7 levels higher than the other loot of that battle and which has a unique appearance. Because of their power and influence, such items will be found in loot less often than others. So the developers hope to add an element of surprise to the process of obtaining loot, to prolong the interest of defeating the initial bosses and to make the level of the item reflect its true power. These items won’t appear on all bosses, just some, and here are examples of items for Vault of Incarnation battles: a pair of special rings on Eranog and Denna, an accessory with a bonus to all major stats on the Council of Elements, and a bow on Rashaget.
  • BoE items will no longer be obtained from normal raid creatures; instead, they will occasionally be found in the miniboss loot of Lieutenants, which will essentially be an “extra boss”. It will be possible to get valuable loot from them once a week for each difficulty level. The number of BoE items will depend on the number of participants in the group (just like on a normal boss), and for the entire raid will be possible to get a guaranteed number of items. BoE items will become more important and powerful, including high-level armor and weapons, which will add to their value.

These changes only apply to the Incarnation Vault in Season 1, and future Dragonflight raids may get their adjustments. The developers revealed the changes to this raid ahead of the start of boss testing in the beta, and all of the adjustments (other than BoE-related) are already available in-game. A similar note will be released for the epochal+ dungeon mode by the start of testing.

This system will already work in the new Vault of the Incarnates raid, where you can try your luck in getting your rewards. But there is a great solution and option to get as much loot from the raid as possible. 

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