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What Tool Should We Use to Send an Automatic Message in Telegram?

Sending bulk messages in Telegram is one of the best ways of advertising and informing because it has many users and that’s why it has so many fans. Doing this Advertising method manually is so difficult, and for your convenience in performing this operation, we will introduce a tool called Telegram Automatic Message Sender Bot. Follow us to learn more about the methods of sending bulk messages in the telegram and their importance.

What is Automatic Bulk Messaging and What Are the Methods?

When we want to send a message using a messenger to a large number of audiences, we are sending a bulk message. In Telegram messengers this method of advertising has two ways:

  1. Send bulk messages in private chat: You can use this method when you have a list of numbers and you want to send messages to all those numbers, in this method your message will be seen more and it is the advantage of this advertising method because people will pay special attention to the messages that have sent to them privately.
  2. Sending bulk messages in a group: To send bulk messages in a group you should choose a crowded group and send your message in it. And since Telegram has a supergroups option, the number of people who can be added to these groups is unlimited and it is quite suitable to increase advertising efficiency. Also, considering the title and the content of the group, you can assess the needs of people, and if they are related to the field of your business, your advertisement will be targeted.

Between these two methods of advertising, sending bulk messages in private chat is the best choice. If you send a message in a group, the message may not be seen in a large number of messages, and on the other hand, in some groups, the group admin does not allow users to advertise. So, the right choice is to use the group’s audiences and message them separately in their private chat.

Anyway, sending bulk messages in the telegram is so useful for advertising, and because of this, a large percentage of people choose this advertising method.

What Are the Advantages of Sending an Automatic Bulk Message in Telegram?

Since Telegram is an all-encompassing messenger, sending bulk messages to this messenger is very important and increases the traffic and impact of advertisements. So, the main advantage of this advertising method is to increase the efficiency of advertising. Note that if you send your advertising message in user’s private chats, they will pay special attention to it. In addition to all these advantages, Telegram is sensitive to sending bulk messages in people’s private chats and does not allow its users to advertise. This messenger has restrictions for users that we will explain these restrictions to you.

What Are the Restrictions on Sending Bulk Automatic Messages in Telegram?

Telegram has a restriction for sending bulk messages, which depends on your audience. Telegram divides your audience into two categories:

  1. Familiar people

There are no restrictions on sending messages to these people. People who have already chatted with you and have saved your number.

  • New people (strangers)

Telegram restricts sending messages to (new people) meaning users who have never had any contact with you.

There is a limit to sending a message on Telegram.

If you want to send a message to strangers, telegram messenger will restrict you, and if you do not pay attention to this restriction your account will be reported. Consider that You cannot send more than 50 messages to strangers per day and if you want to more messages, you should use several lines. For example, if you want to send a message to 500 numbers you only need to use 10 lines. This means, that with each line you can send 50 messages during the day. You need to provide SIMs or virtual lines.

You need more numbers to increase the efficiency of advertising, we have said above that extracting Telegram group members and sending advertising messages to their private chat is an appropriate option for sending bulk messages. Since it is difficult to do this method manually you only need to use a tool to extract the member’s numbers and IDs from the groups. This tool is the Telegram Automatic Message Sender Bot, which we will introduce this Bot and its advantages in the next section.

What Tool Can Automate the Submission Process?

Some tools can automate all the steps of sending bulk messages and advertisements in the telegram. These tools are software or bots.

– This software can extract the number, ID, and other specifications of groups.

– you only need to provide the Bot with the text of the message and the IDs of your audiences, afterward, the Bot will automatically send a message to each of these people.

– you can also send your desired message to various Telegram groups automatically.

– you can send all kinds of content (text, photos, videos, links, files, etc.).

– This software can connect to several lines and send a certain number of messages with each line, and before reaching the Telegram limit, change the line and continue sending with other lines.

– finally, this Bot will provide you with a report of the sent messages in the form of an Excel file.

The Virtual User Telegram Bulk Message Sender Bot is one of the best examples of these software programs. You can purchase this Bot on the Virtual User website, and after buying this Bot in addition to automating the bulk sending operation in telegram, you will benefit from the tutorials in the package and the 24-hours support.


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