Best Mobile Apps for Web Hosting 

Got a website? Then you’ve got website hosting. Unless you’re a tech guru who has the know-how and the confidence to host your site on your own server, web hosting is part and parcel of owning a site. 

But not all of us sit behind our laptops all day. For some, being able to access our web hosting on our smartphones is ideal—which is where mobile apps for web hosting come in super handy. 

What are Web Hosting Apps? 

There’s a bit of confusion over what exactly web hosting mobile apps are. If you Google it, you’ll find a bunch of hosting providers for mobile apps, instead of mobile apps for web hosting providers! 

What we’re focusing on here are website hosting providers who have their own mobile app that allows you to manage your websites on the go. Also note, offering their own unique mobile app is different from those hosts who offer various cloud apps for installation, like InterServer Hosting

Best Mobile Apps for Website Hosting 

So, if you’re looking to launch a new site or switch to a new web host, browse through this list before deciding which one to go for. Each of these website hosts has a user-friendly app that allows you to make changes even when you’re not in front of your computer. Convenient and easy! 

1. BigCommerce 

BigCommerce is a superb hosting platform for ecommerce brands, and their mobile app is one of the best you can find. It’s available on both Android and iOS, so store owners can carry their shop in their pocket and make changes on the go. 

The app is fairly comprehensive, allowing users to log into their accounts just as they would on the laptop and have almost the same features. The first thing you’ll be faced with upon logging in is the store selector, so if you own multiple stores on the platform, you can manage them all from your device. 

Your dashboard gives you access to pretty much all the info and functions you desire. Scroll through your product catalog, change prices, tweak product descriptions, add new photos, manage and fulfill orders, and contact customers if necessary. 

Check your sales metrics, track trends, and compare data from previous weeks or months to your current stats. This really is a store-in-your-pocket kind of application. 

In fact, the app is so complete that if your laptop had to fall out of an airplane or perish in a house fire, you’d still be able to run your store without a hitch from your trusty smartphone. 


IONOS is like that food truck on the corner. You might have avoided it for years because “you get what you pay for”… But when you finally give it a try, you’re shockingly surprised at how great it is. 

At just a dollar a month for your first year (and only $10 monthly after that), it’s a worthy option for those who are just starting out. And with the quality of their mobile app, you’ll be shocked at what you get for that low price. 

Note that the company discourages you from actively building or editing your website on the app, although it can be done. But there’s a chance of things wigging out and messing up your site, so best keep the app for eyeballing your store’s data and making sure everything’s running smoothly. 

As well as managing your products and checking your stats, there’s a bunch of great articles on the app you can reference to educate yourself and take your website up a notch. 

3. Squarespace 

Squarespace’s mobile app is easy to find and install on both Android and iOS devices. Keep in mind that while you can make most changes on the app, for certain things, you’ll need to jump on the computer because they’re a little too detailed to be supported on the app. 

If you’ve already got a Squarespace website, you can download the app, log in, and find everything as it is on the laptop. If you’re launching a new site, you can actually start from scratch in the app, building your entire site through the mobile app. 

It also includes things like email marketing, inventory management, and detailed analytics. You’ll be able to create new content, upload pictures and videos directly from your phone, and make certain changes to your site’s design, right from your device. 

4. DreamHost 

DreamHost has an “unofficial” mobile app that can be found on the Google Play Store. iOS users won’t be able to find it on the Apple Store, but it’s in the very beginning stages so it’s unclear as to how useful the app actually is. 

According to the app’s page on the Play Store, you should be able to access most features of your DreamHost hosting plan on your device. You can also switch the app to dark mode, if it’s easier for you to manage. 


Web hosting is something most business owners don’t pay a whole lot of attention to, until they need something their existing web host doesn’t offer. And in all honesty, most quality web hosts don’t have a mobile app, so you’re stuck making changes from your laptop or getting someone else to make those changes if you’re out and about. 

If you’re the type who enjoys being hands-on with your own business but isn’t always behind a desk, then having your web host in your pocket is super handy. Unfortunately, your options are somewhat limited—very few of the top web hosts have a dedicated mobile app. 

Ecommerce stores, we highly recommend switching from whatever you’re using now to using BigCommerce. Portfolio sites will find Squarespace to be a convenient and user-friendly choice. IONOS is A-okay for start-ups and newbies. 

If you aren’t planning on moving from your current host (and they’re not on this small list), then you’re out of luck… Although it can’t harm to reach out to your current host and ask if a mobile app is in the works. 

About the Author 

Paul Wheeler runs a web design agency that helps small businesses optimize their websites for business success. He aims to educate business owners on all things website-related, at his own website, Reviews for Website Hosting

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