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Your Guide to Creating Exceptional Exhibition Banner Stands

The event marketing world is constantly evolving. The attitudes and preferences of the people who attend these events also change every year. That’s why it’s often hard to guess what types of marketing materials will work at future exhibitions, tradeshows, etc.

Approximately there are 32,000+ exhibitions held each year. These events are attended by over 4.5 million brands. Together, they attract over 300 million visitors every year. Creating marketing materials that will please all the attendees is not possible.

But, there are some fundamentals of event marketing that you should apply to the designs of your marketing materials. Custom-printed banner stands are by far the most widely used event marketing tools in the world. Here’s how the best exhibitioners and marketers design and use these promotional tools at events –

Design Innovation is Key

As stated above, the world of event marketing is ever-evolving. Event attendees look forward to seeing out-of-the-box ideas and marketing strategies at these events. That’s why your banner’s design needs to be innovative and different from other brands. To achieve this goal, you need to send your design team down the path of innovation –

  • Review the banners used by your or other brands in past events. Understand what features worked or didn’t work in these banners.
  • Conduct competitor analysis. Check what types of banners your brand’s closest competitors are using at their tradeshows and marketing events. Don’t copy the styles of their banners. Instead, build on them. Make your banners even more unique than your competitors.
  • Change and adapt your approach to banner design for different types of events and exhibitions.

The beauty of using banner stands is their flexibility. You can change their layouts very easily. Use these steps to make your banner design team embrace creativity.

Focus on Printing

Your banner’s design may be on point. But, if you buy banners from sellers who use old-school inkjet printers – your banners will never look good. Ask your sellers to use state-of-the-art printing tools and techniques like dye-sublimation printing. Banners with high print quality cost more. But, they look polished, make your brand look good, and attract more visitors at business exhibitions.

Use Lighting to Boost Your Banner’s Appeal

Well-designed lighting arrangements can make dull banners look visually appealing. Your decent banner can become irresistible if you use exhibition stand lighting to decorate them. The best type of lighting arrangement for banners is LED lighting panels. These lights glow from the inside, making the banners look striking and eye-catching.

Custom-Printed Accessories

A well-designed banner stand will attract crowds to your exhibition booth. But to keep the crowds engaged, you’ll need some accessories. Create custom-printed accessories for your brand. Make sure the design of your banner matches or compliments the designs of the branded accessories.

Use custom-printed key rings, pens, sanitizer dispensers, and other branded tools at your event booth. Use this guide to create the ultimate business exhibition marketing kit. Buying these promotional tools in bulk may even get you some hefty discounts. Order now and start promoting your brand!

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