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How Instagram Will Change in 2022

Instagram Is Change in 2022

It’s hard to believe this year, Instagram (comprar seguidores instagram portugal) will be ten years old. That’s a whole decade of the most loved photo-sharing app! Is it still an image-sharing app? In the year 2021, we could see the extent to which Instagram was concerned about the growth of TikTok.

With the announcement of its new platform, IG Reels, and the introduction of short-form, vertical videos in almost every feature available on Instagram, it’s clear that Instagram is heading in the right direction. In 2022, what should be expected from the app 2022? Let’s dig in! More info

Video first

TikTok is the most significant threat Instagram has faced to date. The latest player has gained the trust of Millennial as well as Gen Z customers, capturing their attention and directing them away from a shaky Instagram, which hasn’t felt confident of its position on the social media scene over the last few years, at least, that’s how it appears at a distance.

The introduction of TikTok might have contributed to Instagram in the long run by igniting an opportunity to rekindle its fire. Management is now clear: “Instagram is no longer a photo-sharing app …” said product head Adam Mosseri in a recent Twitter post, captioned 2022 Priorities, “…

You can expect to witness Instagram taking up its Reels format. It is a direct competition to TikTok and the main base they’ll be slowly rolling all other features onto (leaving IGTV to die a slow, silent death). Instagram’s decision to consolidate all its video capabilities is great. It was previously confusing, messy, and cluttered, but this more efficient method will benefit all.

New creator-monetization products for creators are in the works

In the same tweet, Mosseri covered other aspects of his plans for Instagram in 2022.

“You’re going to in our focus on the creators. They’re at the forefront of the change in power we’re witnessing across all industries and from individuals to institutions. The most crucial thing we can do is to help them earn money on our platform. …”

This is great news for anyone who is an online creator. Presently, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and all the other digital platforms for social networking are fighting for your attention. They’re aware that influencers have more of an impact on social commerce. This is only an advantage for the creators.

The chronological feed is going back

Yes, really. Instagram is testing an innovative feature that will give users three feed choices.

Instagram Home Feed

This is how Instagram’s Feed is displayed to you right now. Its Home Feed algorithm ranks content according to how engaged it believes you are to every post based on your previous behavior.

Instagram Favorites Feed

This is a selected group of accounts you won’t want to be missing updates from, such as your friends, family, and a handful of your most loved creators.

Instagram Following Feed

This feed will include posts from accounts you follow on CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER. Like the good old times! Wow. We’ve waited for several years for that one. You can expect to see these options coming out pretty shortly.

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Shop ’til you drop

You should keep watching if you thought that Instagram was turning into an online shopping app. In 2022, you’ll see an array of online commerce integrated into your feed and stories. Particularly, Instagram will roll out an affiliate tool native to the app that lets creators discover new products, then share the products with their followers and get permissions from the sales they generate – all through the app!

In all, it’s predicted that to keep Instagram users for longer In-app purchases will become the norm by 2022. With just a couple of swipes and clicks, you’ll be in a position to purchase an item without having to leave the app. The lines between buying and social media have never been more than they are today.

The most powerful analytics tools

We believe that in the same vein, as more creator monetization product offerings, there will be improvements in the analytics tools. For instance, Instagram Insights currently provides only seven days of information. We see this evolving to longer data collection periods, allowing users to make better and more informed choices about their online business requirements.

Micro-influencers are the stars of the show

If you’re thinking, what are micro-influencers? You’ll have to learn about it. It’s important to read it quickly. In essence, they’re creators of content that has under 10,000 fans. Although they aren’t full-time influencers due to their smaller followers, they have real power over their followers because they are likely to be more interested in them and feel connected.

Most influencers with thousands of followers may not be within reach of most. But, a micro-influencer will more likely engage and participate within their community. The followers of their followers can form connections with them, asking them questions on the DMS and provoking discussions in the comments, and so on. check now

These communities are robust and tightly knit. When micro-influencers recommend products or brands to try, their followers take note and join in the discussion, which leads to higher conversion rates.

Once you’ve grasped that micro-influencers are a powerful force, it’s an easy decision. We expect more brands to see their value on Instagram through 2022.

Community engagement

You can say whatever you want about Instagram. Although it’s not the popular photo-sharing app we all downloaded in 2012, it’s still one of the most effective platforms to start conversations and create a genuine community.

In 2022, we’ll see Instagram continue improving and developing one of its most popular products. As video becomes more popular and becomes more popular, don’t be shocked to get engagement stickers and polls being featured in the IG Reels videos, along with the option to respond to comments with either a voice or video message–a common feature that we’ve seen on TikTok.

Wrapping up

The most interesting thing about TikTok’s success is that it beat Instagram to a tack and gave the platform a bright north star following years of losing themselves at sea.

The parent business Facebook (sorry, Metaverse) has an impressive track experience of adapting well to changes in the market and has numerous plans to constantly improve its offerings and features.

Even though the competition is heating up, Instagram remains one of the best platforms for making dynamic personal, engaging, and memorable content and building vibrant communities. It’s going nowhere, and 2022 will likely focus on short form, immersive media content and creator monetization, and various feed options.


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