Cell Phone Repair in Idaho Guides You to Fix Iphone Power Button

Cell phones are an excellent way to stay in touch with others while also providing a sense of security to the user. In an emergency, owning a cell phone helps to reach somewhere early, order food, dress and much more. Besides that, it also needs a lot of care. But due to carelessness, we forget to take care of the most important device in our lives, which gets damaged. When you discover that your iPhone’s power button is broken can be both upsetting and annoying. You might not even realize it until you press it several times, and it still doesn’t function. If this happens to you, for example, your power button feels resistive to your taps; it is critical to find a cure or workaround if you cannot solve it yourself. However, at that time, you don’t need to panic because companies like FIXITPRO offer several solutions and cell phone repair in Idaho

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The issue with your iPhone’s power button not responding could be caused by various factors, but it is most likely due to a hardware failure. Maybe the power button hit on a hard surface after an unintentional fall, or it’s just a software problem, or the power button was retired after a long usage period. Regardless of what caused your iPhone’s power button to malfunction, you’ll find a suitable solution in any of the options listed in this blog.

Turn on Assistive Touch

While your faulty power button is most likely a hardware issue, you have to enable Assistive Touch until you repair it. Assistive Touch is an easy-to-use on-screen technology that allows users to control certain functions all in one spot. The Assistive Touch includes various features, including a workaround for your damaged power button. 

Reboot your iPhone

One of the most common causes of the iPhone power button not working is that your iPhone may have software faults after a long period of use or when the memory becomes clogged. Restarting your iPhone is a common technique to troubleshoot software issues. It’s simple and won’t take long.

Remove Debris from the Power Button

Your iPhone button may become stuck or stop working if you drop it anywhere or live/work in a particularly dusty environment. When this happens, the best thing you can do is contact a repair service as soon as possible. On the other hand, you can try cleaning the debris from the power button. It works once in a while. First, see if you can get tactile feedback by repeatedly pressing the power button.

Remove the Protective Cover

Many people use a protective case or cover on their iPhones to protect the phone’s body and prevent the screen from shattering in the event of an accident. However, if the cover is badly designed, does not fit your iPhone comfortably, or is the wrong type, it may cause your iPhone’s power button to stop working. Remove the case from your iPhone and try the power button to see if it works properly. 

Update the iOS system

Another factor that could cause your iPhone’s power button to malfunction is if you’re running faulty software. When your iPhone is out of date, or when the iOS build you’re running contains bugs or flaws. Checking and updating your iOS to the latest version is a simple technique to fix this. Go to Settings, General, and check for and download any available updates.

Find the Professionals for Mobile and Tablet Repair Services

If your iPhone’s power button is still not working after trying all of the methods mentioned above, the solution is beyond what you can solve at home. A skilled iPhone repair can fix the power button. You can contact the certified companies for cell phone repair in Idaho. 

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